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Live Webcasts

Rick Eads
PCIe Principal Engineer
Keysight Technologies

Why this Webcast is Important:
With demand on networking and computer performance increasing at a rapid pace, there is a growing need to store, move and process more data in real-time than ever before. As data speeds increase, channel attenuation becomes an inhibitor to moving data across an interface bus. This webcast will highlight Keysight’s contributions with PCIe® 4.0 technology for physical layer transmitter and receiver testing. Topics will include improvements to the PCI Express 3.0 CEM connector to support 16 GT/s signaling, improvements to receiver testing methodologies, and new tools for testing PCI Express 4.0 devices. This webcast will highlight the work Keysight has been engaged in with the industry to pave the way towards higher bandwidth and throughput in digital systems using PCI Express Gen4 technology.

Joel Dunsmore
R&D Fellow
Keysight Technologies

Why this Webcast is Important:
Components are the "building blocks" of today’s complex RF systems. In most transceivers, there are amplifiers to boost LO power to mixers, and filters to remove signal harmonics. Often, R&D engineers need to measure these components to verify simulation models and hardware prototypes. For component production, a manufacturer must measure the performance of their products so they can provide accurate specifications. It’s essential to understand how a component will behave to maximize the performance of the system being designed or optimizing efficiency during the manufacturing test process. During this 1-hour webcast, you will learn about the RF transmit/receive signal chain. We will review the role of modern network analysis in characterizing the key components of these systems, covering transmission line theory, S-parameters, Smith Charts, impedance measurements, impedance matching, calibration and error correction. We’ll also discuss transmit/receive and directivity paths and how to optimize dynamic range and accuracy.

I. C. Tillman
Business Development Manager for RF Sensors and Geolocation technologies
Keysight Technologies

Why this Webcast is Important:
The strategies being used to locate transmitters are relatively unchanged since the 1970s, but transmitters themselves have changed dramatically. Traditional direction-finding systems based on angle-of-arrival (AOA) techniques are giving way to distributed, time-synchronous systems that utilize time-difference-of-arrival (TDOA) techniques. TDOA is more effective against most modern signals, and offers important advantages. This webcast will discuss the fundamental theory of operation of TDOA, illustrating key concepts using a variety of simulations and field measurements. It will also compare AOA and TDOA technologies.

Mike Resso
Signal Integrity Applications Scientist
Keysight Technologies

Why this Webcast is Important:
The Vector Network Analyzer is becoming ubiquitous in signal integrity laboratories as data rates increase inside network and data centers. Crosstalk issues in the physical layer are causing more bit errors at the receiver as users try push more data through the channel. This webcast will review tools and techniques for making quality signal integrity measurements using a Vector Network Analyzer. The webcast will begin with an overview of challenges to making signal integrity measurements and methods to overcome these challenges. This will be followed by techniques for identifying sources of crosstalk, channel loss, reflections and eye closure. Advanced error correction techniques will be discussed at the end of the webcast.

Bob Nelson
Senior Applications Engineer
Keysight Technologies

Why this Webcast is Important:
This webcast will explain the fundamentals of phase noise measurements. We will discuss what phase noise is and its impact on the performance of receivers and systems being designed. We’ll describe the role of the phase detector as the heart of the measurement and compare and examine phase noise measurement techniques, along with the importance of measuring AM Noise and the benefits of cross correlation.

Kenny Johnson
Power Integrity Lead
Keysight Technologies

Why this Webcast is Important:
A product’s functional reliability is directly proportional to the quality of the dc power inside that product. In this webcast, we’ll share techniques and tools for making accurate power integrity measurements on the dc supplies in your products. Confident that we can make good power integrity measurements, we’ll discuss trouble-shooting techniques to identify and solve power integrity issues.

Jae-yong Chang
Product Planner for oscilloscopes probes and accessories
Keysight Technologies

Why this Webcast is Important:
Modern high speed digital applications have pushed the limit of high bandwidth and high-performance probing solutions. As the bandwidth of your system increases, the edge speed of the signal gets faster, the size of the chipsets and components tends to be smaller, and the PCB layout becomes more complex. These trends pose challenges for probing solutions and there are more things to consider when choosing a high-performance probe than with a lower-bandwidth, general purpose probe. The higher the performance, the more care is needed when choosing a probe for your application. The webcast will cover the key specifications to consider when choosing a high-performance oscilloscope probe. It will also provide real-world examples and cover some of the challenges you may encounter when using high-performance probes.

Suren Singh
Industry Applications Specialist
Keysight Technologies

Why this Webcast is Important:
With the demand for the transfer of large volumes of data at high speeds, there is an increasing need to utilize the millimeter wave frequency band. This places a demand on designers and manufacturers in the industry to fully characterize and test both active and passive components at the millimeter wave frequencies. This webcast will focus on how a Vector Network Analyzer can address the need for millimeter wave component characterization for both passive and active devices.

On-Demand Webcasts (Register for instant access)

Dave Engelder
Strategic Planner
Keysight Technologies

Why this Webcast is Important:
With technology rapidly evolving and test complexity increasing, understanding the fundamentals of spectrum analysis is essential. Understanding how the main sections of a spectrum analyzer work will allow you to maximize the performance of your system under test. During this webcast, you will learn how to save time, prevent mistakes and avoid rework by optimizing resolution bandwidth, video bandwidth, and dynamic range for the most accurate measurements. We’ll also discuss the impact of distortion and noise on the accuracy of measurements.

Kimberly Cassacia
Product Line Brand Manager
Keysight Technologies

Why this Webcast is Important:
When designing the latest receivers, signal generators help characterize components and verify device functionality. This webcast focuses on the measurement challenges related to generating and demodulating analog and digitally modulated signals in the RF signal chain. We will review CW signal generation and characteristics, including phase-noise and signal synthesis using VCOs and phase-locked-loops. We’ll also discuss analog and digital modulation generation and measurement techniques.

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