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Measurement Solution – X-Parameter* Measurements


Reduce Design Cycles By Up to 50% with Maury Microwave X-Parameter Measurement System

  • Use X-parameters instead of S-parameters for large signal, nonlinear devices
  • Keysight PNA-X with Maury tuners and software allow X-parameter analysis
  • Model and design multi-stage complex amplifiers with no-compromise simulation models


 Block Diagram System Configuration 
  Keysight Technologies:

Maury Microwave:

  • Tuner – select from:

  • MT981BU 0.4 to 4 GHz

  • MT982EU30 0.8 to 8 GHz

  • MT983A01 4 to 26.5 GHz


  • MT993B Power measurement software
  • MT993D01 X-parameter measurement option

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X-Parameter Measurements 
Co-branded solutions partner brochure with Maury Microwave on X-parameter measurements

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