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Keysight Vectorless Test Solution

Smallest vectorless test probe in the industry - nanoVTEP

nanoVTEP is Keysight’s latest fixture accessory designed to increase your in-circuit test coverage for small device geometries. Through advanced manufacturing technology, the latest design can perform vectorless test on electronic devices with outlines as small as 4mm x 4mm, a 60% reduction in footprint compared to a VTEP probe with 10mm x 10mm sensor plate. This overcomes test probe placement challenges in high density fixtures with minimum keep-out space.

Mechanically engineered to provide high wear resistance, its compact body houses a miniature amplifier that provides stronger signal amplification, improving Cpk and mean values.

Application Scenario

High density fixtures with pressure fingers installed to reduce PCB flexing is contesting existing VTEP solution for space. With inadequate clearance, it’s not uncommon to circumvent this limitation by placing the amplifier further away from the sensor plate, the ramification is undesired signal attenuation from longer wires and readings are susceptible to interference from other fixture electronics.

With a smaller physical profile, nanoVTEP enables greater opportunity for vectorless test implementation on high density boards when fixture clearance is a premium. The amplifier is placed ideally above the device under test, providing a shorter signal path for better signal measurement with less distortion.

nanoVTEP signal conditioning Mux card
nanoVTEP sensor plate
nanoVTEP amplifier and probes

i3070 software ver.09.01sb and above
License – no license required

VTEP v2.0 Powered, with Cover-Extend Technology

Cover-Extend Technology (CET) part of VTEP v2.0 Powered test suite

Now, get test coverage without test access with Cover-Extend Technology which is part of the growing suite of VTEP solutions, the VTEP v2.0 Powered test suite. Click here to learn more about Cover-Extend Technology

What is the VTEP v2.0 Powered test suite?
Keysight’s award winning test suite brings you the most comprehensive set of tools to meet the demands today’s electronic manufacturing test brought on by lack of test access, ultra-small IC packaging, GHz signaling and assurance of signal integrity.

The VTEP hardware is 4X more sensitive and up to 5X better in standard deviation than its predecessor, Testjet. The Autodebug function with per-pin-threshold characterization enables debugging in seconds. With the latest i3070 software, you get enhanced speed (up to 4X) and better guarding as well.

The technology is for devices with ultra low value measurement of signal pins (< 5fF) of ICs. Targeting ultra small IC packages, flip chips and devices with minimal or no lead frame at all, iVTEP even works with ICs with non-grounded heat spreaders and heat sinks.

Cover-Extend Technology (CET)
Cover-Extend Technology is a hybrid between VTEP and Boundary Scan. This is a powerful limited access tool able to help improve your test coverage or even reduce your test point For more information, click here.

VTEP signal conditioning Mux card
VTEP sensor plate
Amplifier board
Cover-Extend Technology (CET) card - for CET only

Medalist i3070 software ver.07.20p and above
License - for CET only

Part-Numbers Available For Order

VTEP Products Description
N4300-66534 CET (Cover-Extend Technology) Signal-conditioner card (pack-of-1)
N4300A Signal Conditioning MUX Card (Qty : 10)
N4301A Probe Active Electronics (Qty : 50)
N4302A 1.2 Inch Passive Sensor Plate (Qty : 100)
N4303A 2.5 Inch Passive Sensor Plate (Qty : 50)
N4306A 0.5 X 6.0 Passive Sensor Plate (Qty : 50)
N4307A Connect Check Mux Card (Qty : 10)
N4311A Small Probes (Qty : 50)
N4312A Small Probes (Qty : 250)
N4313A Probes (Qty : 250)

Documents & Downloads

Medalist VTEP v2.0 Powered, with Cover-Extend technology  
This brochure provides an overview of Cover-Extend under the VTEP v2.0 Powered vectorless test suite

Brochure 2010-04-06

null PDF 237 KB
Download the Introduction to Medalist VTEP v2.0 Powered with Cover-Extend technology 

Demo 2008-04-18

Article reprint: Finding Power/Ground Defects on Connectors A New Approach 
This paper surveys existing tests for these defects and introduces a new solution based on Network Parameter Measurements

Article Reprint 2008-03-06

null PDF 199 KB
Maximising Test Coverage with Keysight Medalist VTEP v2.0 
This paper describes how to get the most from Keysight Technologies’ industry-leading vectorless test innovation, the Medalist VTEP v2.0 which is a suite of solution comprising VTEP, iVTEP and NPM.

Application Note 2007-04-17

Vectorless Test EP (VTEP) Goes Head-to-Head with Keysight TestJet - Case Study 
VTEP has proven its abilities to improve in-circuit test coverage by over 80 percent compared to the older TestJet technology, especially on boards with hard-to-test packages such as BGAs, micro-BGAs, and SMT edge connectors.

Success Story 2017-12-01

null PDF 1.64 MB
Medalist iVTEP - intelligent Vectorless Test EP 
Building on the strength of TestJet and VTEP, Keysight intelligent Vectorless Test Extended Performance (iVTEP) can be used for ultra-small geometry packages, flip chips, as well as devices with minimal or no lead frames and heat spreaders.

Technical Overview 2017-12-05

Head-to-Head Comparison - Vectorless Test: NanoVTEP vs VTEP - Case Study  
This case study summarizes some of the results of early tests conducted at customer sites, and includes results of controlled tests conducted in Keysight’s R&D lab.

Success Story 2018-06-05

null PDF 3.39 MB
TestJet & VTEP hardware description and verification 
This application note describes the TestJet and VTEP hardware components and the required connections for assembly on test fixtures. It also provides instructions for the setup and use of the Fixture Verifier.

Application Note 2019-07-03

How to build a fixture for use with the Keysight Cover-Extend Technology 
Cover-Extend Technology is Keysight’s latest limited access solution for in-circuit test. This paper documents the necessary information for a fixture vendor to build a Cover-Extend fixture.

Application Note 2017-12-05

Network Parameter Measurement: Best Practices using the Keysight Medalist i3070 
This paper describes how to maximize benefits from the Network Parameter Measurement capability on the Keysight Medalist i3070 in-circuit test system using enhancements in software version 7.20p.

Application Note 2009-04-02