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ADS 2016 Update 1

Advanced Design System 2016 Update 1Advanced Design System (ADS) 2016 Update 1 is a significant technology update for both SIPro & PIPro (new features released in ADS 2016). SIPro is a Signal Integrity focused EM simulator that delivers high-accuracy for high-complexity PCB designs, and PIPro is a suite of Power Integrity focused EM simulators for the analysis of Power Delivery Networks. Together SIPro, PIPro and the broader set of ADS schematic, channel and transient simulators, provide a singular cohesive workflow for SI and PI design tasks. You can download ADS 2016 Update 1 from the table below.

ADS 2016 Update 1
Platform Filename Downloads Size
Linux 64-bit Download 1,027,604,480 bytes (980 MB)
Windows 64-bit Download 439,353,344 bytes (419 MB)

Note: ADS 2016.01 must be installed before attempting to install ADS 2016 Update 1.

ADS 2016 Update 1 Highlights

In ADS 2016 Update 1, new innovative meshing technology has been introduced for SIPro and PIPro, which will have a profound impact on user productivity. The new technology, known as Mesh Domain Optimization, will provide the benefits of cookie-cutting a design (reducing simulation time and lowering memory requirements), while avoiding the repetitive and error-prone process of manually cookie-cutting a PCB layout prior to EM simulation. The mesh technology intelligently reduces the problem size to solve, without sacrificing accuracy. The productivity improvements are realized, by enabling users to work on a full PCB layout, queuing up multiple simulations of different buses on the same board; empowering the user to now analyze many more digital channels in the same amount of time, with less engineering time expended on setup.

SIPro | PIPro

  • New Mesh Domain Optimization (MDO) technology for SIPro | PIPro
    • Comparing ADS 2016 shipping release to Update 1: Typically 5x-20x improvement in simulation time for SIPro, comparing full board simulations with and without MDO enabled. Typically 2x reduction in memory used for PI-AC analysis and more than 2x reduction in simulation time.
  • Continual accuracy improvements for SIPro
    • Improved Via Modeling under default settings
    • Non-functional Via pads now removed by default (reducing capacitance)
  • Improved mesh robustness for both SIPro/PIPro
  • Automated assignment of component part values, taken from component name.
  • New ‘Performance Visualization Mode’ – improves user experience when remotely accessing SIPro | PIPro across a network.

ADS Channel Sim

  • IBIS-AMI Channel simulation can now output the pulse response (Single-Bit response) for the channel, Tx+Channel, and Tx+Channel+Rx. This helps the user to understand Inter-Symbol-Interference in the channel and analyze/optimize the EQ settings that affect the responses. 

Please read the Release Notes for more.


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