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Test with Confidence with Keysight - and Power your Next Insight

Deliver exceptional battery life through our power solution

Products are changing the way we all work and play—wearables, electric vehicles, and beyond. On a bench or in a system, our supplies are ready for your application, offering optimal choices in voltage, current, capability and performance. Test with confidence with Keysight and power your next insight.

Keysight's integrated battery-drain analysis solution lets you:

  • Test actual battery operating time to compare with expected values
  • Verify battery capacity and performance in applications to correlate with the manufacturer's specs
  • Evaluate peak and average current and power consumption of a device powered by a battery to help optimize performance
  • Verify correct performance of low voltage shutdown

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Keysight's integrated solution for battery-drain test can reduce test time and ensure product performance with a streamlined setup and accurate measurement of wide dynamic current range.