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X-Series Signal Analyzers

As measurements have become more and more complex, the X-Series analyzers have evolved to offer easy-to-use measurement applications and intuitive settings to help reduce complexity while instilling confidence that measurements are accurate. Now with a multi-touch user interface, the X-Series analyzers provide new levels of interaction that enable intuitive connections between cause and effect during development, debugging and troubleshooting.

Design, test, and deliver your next breakthrough

  • Get analysis tools that range from low-cost essentials to wide-open performance
  • Optimize measurement parameters in no more than two touches with the streamlined multi-touch UI
  • Leverage test-system software from R&D to design verification to manufacturing with 100-percent code compatibility across the family
  • Access industry-leading performance including: phase noise, spurious-free dynamic range, analysis bandwidth, real-time streaming, and more.
  • Gain additional insights when you combine your analyzer with X-Series applications and 89600 VSA software

Compare the X-Series analyzers to find the features and performance you need, or use application briefs to see how we’ve streamlined measurements.

Compare X-Series

The modern look of X-Series signal analyzers is built on Keysight’s new industrial design that represents – on the outside – what has always been inside the X-Series: quality and craftsmanship in test and measurement. For more information visit