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Accelerate Your 5G New Radio Designs

Innovate, transform and win in 5G with New Radio insights

5G requires you to think differently about how you design and test NR devices. New designs must accommodate mmWave wave frequencies, massive MIMO and beamforming, coexistence with LTE and more. Keysight has been working alongside 5G pioneers to understand the complexities of 5G so you can validate performance in these new environments. With our solutions you can emulate, measure and validate your designs across the wireless ecosystem.

Learn the latest with our 5G New Radio resources:

  • 5G New Radio: Overcoming new Radio Design Challenges - this white paper series describes the changes in 5G NR standard and addresses new challenges in mmWave spectrum, MIMO and beamforming, and over-the-air (OTA) testing
  • Understanding the 5G NR Physical Layer – this webcast describes the changes in the 5G NR Release 15 specification
  • Seven Things You Need to Know About 5G New Radio - this poster is a handy reference for your wall
  • Top Considerations for 5G New Radio Device Designers – this eBook provides new insights to help you overcome common 5G NR design challenges

Download resources for a guide to 5G NR testing