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Jump-start and accelerate your pre-5G physical layer design and verifications

Get multiple results quickly and accurately with our suite of software tools

Get a jump-start and accelerate your pre-5G design and verifications with Keysight's suite of simulation, signal generation and signal analysis software solutions.

  • Quickly understand and explore pre-5G physical-layer alternatives with versatile SystemVue simulation reference libraries for 5G featuring modifiable source code
  • Configure and generate signals for testing receivers and transmitter components based on Verizon pre-5G (V5GTF) and more using the N7630C Signal Studio
  • Measure true characteristics of a pre-5G device-under-test (DUT) using K3101A Signal Optimizer software
  • Verify and optimize the physical layer characteristics of pre-5G and 5G physical layer signals using 89600 VSA software