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Maximize battery life of IoT smart devices

Gain greater insight into IoT device design and test

IoT devices such as smart watches, wearable medical devices and fitness monitors have a unique set of engineering demands, and one of the biggest challenges is maximizing the life of their small, on-board batteries. Engineers must make accurate battery drain measurements and understand the power consumption patterns of these IoT devices to achieve the long battery life customers expect. Explore the factors that affect power consumption and the IoT hardware and software test solutions engineers are using to innovate new ways to extend battery life and accelerate development.

Maximize battery life of small, low power IoT devices. Find out more about test challenges, solutions and best practices, including,

  • Learn how to perform accurate battery drain analysis 
  • Explore hardware and software used to accurately test IoT low-power consumption 
  • Characterize battery life of critical devices such as wireless medical devices and industrial control devices

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