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Advance USB Type-C Cable and Connector Test

Greater insight into USB Type-C™ design and test

Driven by the demand for a USB technology that supports newer computers and devices as they become smaller and thinner in size, the need for higher-speed data and more power and flexibility, USB Type-C is a breakthrough standard. To ensure interoperability of USB Type-C devices and achieve test compliance, engineers face new design and test challenges. Now you can address USB Type-C challenges with greater insight, as you learn about solutions from Keysight USB Type-C experts.

Armed with USB Type-C test solutions, engineers are able to face the increased number of compliance regimens, more channels, flexible configurability and reversible connector challenges. The latest USB Type-C design and test insights are presented in our High-Speed Digital Application-Specific Seminars.

  • Learn the details of testing USB 3.1 over Type-C
  • Explore what is involved with testing USB Power Delivery (USB-PD) over Type-C
  • Gain insight to overcome receiver test challenges for Thunderbolt over Type-C

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