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Advance USB Type-C Cable and Connector Test

Greater insight into USB Type-C™ design and test

Handsets and devices including tablets, laptops and mobile phones will take advantage of the smaller low-profile, powerful and reversible USB Type-C cable and connection. The fast 10 Gbs data rates, flexible Power Delivery, transmit and receive, and Alternate Modes capability including Thunderbolt, MHL and DisplayPort make the new USB standard even more desirable for device integration. Face USB Type-C transmit and receive design and test challenges with greater insight, using Keysight’s USB Type-C design and test solutions you need from simulation to compliance.

Engineers performing USB Type-C Rx/Tx design and test are able to face the increased number of compliance regimens, more channels, flexible configurability and reversible connector challenges with insights presented in our application brief "How to Address USB Type-C Transmitter and Receiver Test Challenges".

  • Learn what additional tests are required to ensure USB Type-C IF compliance
  • Explore new text configurations and fixtures needed to support the powerful and flexible USB connection
  • Ensure successful Rx/Tx by emulating jitter and crosstalk impairments

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