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Be Ready When Inspiration Strikes

Make a stronger contribution with deeper skills in signal and spectrum analysis

Engineering is all about connecting ideas and solving problems, and every tool you master enhances your ability to contribute. Dig into Keysight's spectrum analysis application notes and build a stronger foundation that will help you deliver your next breakthrough.

Keysight signal analyzers are built to address the complexities of today’s wireless signals and standards, with impressive processing power and computational capabilities. Our application notes—new or updated—will help you get the most from your X-Series analyzer.

  • Improve your noise figure measurements with Three Hints for Better Noise Figure Measurements and Noise and Noise Figure: Improving and Simplifying Measurements
  • Learn how to better test your transmitter using signal analyzers in Transmitter Test: Overcoming Five Fundamental Challenges
  • See tips to help you master signal analysis with Signal Analysis Measurement Fundamentals
  • Master EMI pre-compliance testing, a low-risk, cost-effective method to ensure your devices will launch on time, in EMC Pre-Compliance Fundamentals, EMI Compliance Test vs. EMI Pre-Compliance Test, and Making Conducted and Radiated Emissions Measurements

Download the application notes