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Signals can run, but they can’t hide

Introducing FieldFox real-time spectrum analysis (RTSA) up to 50 GHz

Interference issues in wireless communication networks are on the rise – impacting network quality. Detecting interference caused by bursty signals is challenging with a traditional spectrum analyzer -- you just can’t find every signal. This makes hunting interference or monitoring signals challenging without carrying multiple instruments to the job site.

Capture every signal with FieldFox RTSA
Now one, integrated, lightweight unit gets the job done. So, forget about carrying one instrument for real-time spectrum analysis (RTSA) and another for other measurements such as cable and antenna test (CAT) or vector network analysis (VNA).
With FieldFox RTSA software you can:

  • capture every signal in real time
  • carry just one integrated and lightweight unit (7.1 lbs)
  • perform RTSA up to 50 GHz plus CAT, VNA and more
  • detect small signals once masked by stronger signals
  • capture signals as narrow as 12 µs with 100% POI with full amplitude accuracy

Learn tips on how to find every elusive signal and strategies to track down interference with Keysight’s new RTSA application note, Overcoming RF & MW Interference Challenges in the Field Using RTSA.

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