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When do you Need a Mixed Signal Oscilloscope?

Verify and Debug your MCU and DSP-based mixed signal designs faster with an MSO

Today’s embedded designs based on microcontrollers (MCUs) and digital signal processors (DSPs) often include a combination of analog and digital signal content. Design engineers have traditionally used both oscilloscopes and logic analyzers to test and debug these mixed-signal embedded designs, but mixed signal oscilloscopes (MSOs) may offer a better way for you to debug your MCU- and DSP-based designs.

While oscilloscopes are the most commonly used test instruments in an R&D environment, sometimes 2- and 4- channel oscilloscope measurements are insufficient to monitor and test critical timing interactions between multiple analog and digital signals. This is where an MSO proves useful because it provides enough of the traditional logic analyzer measurement capabilities without adding the complexity often associated with a logic analyzer. This often makes a mixed signal oscilloscope the right tool for debugging embedded designs.

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