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Next-Generation Infiniium User Interface

You can now upgrade your Infiniium oscilloscope to have the next-generation user interface. Learn more about the capabilities of this new user interface, and see how it can simplify your testing.

The next-generation user interface features:

  • Better viewing
  • Better documentation
  • Better usability

Now there is finally a user interface that takes advantage of today’s advanced display technologies

Discover the Difference

When you upgrade your oscilloscope to 5.0 or purchase a new Infiniium scope after June 3, 2014, you will get the next-generation Infiniium user interface. The new interface makes debugging significantly easier. It makes sharing data simpler by providing features such as bookmarks, annotations, and more charts than any competitive oscilloscope. The interface supports any screen resolution and up to eight waveform areas (no other vendor supports more than one). Each waveform area can support up to 16 grids. The software is available for your PC as well, making it the perfect tool for today’s multi-national companies.