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Learn Your A, B, VEE...

Easy-to-follow module for beginners and best of all, it’s completely FREE!

New to Keysight VEE? Keysight VEE is an easy-to-use graphical language environment that provides a quick path to measurement and analysis. Designed for easy expansion, flexibility and compatibility with the latest industry standards, Keysight VEE allows seamless operation with hardware and software from Keysight and other manufacturers.

Need to quickly write a program to automate your instruments? Want to perform data analysis and reporting in an easy and systematic way? Achieve all these easily with this award-winning software (Test and Measurement World’s Best in Test, 2009).

LearnVEE is series of intuitive e-learning modules that cover Keysight VEE programming basics. Each module comes with programming exercises and a short quiz to test your understanding, and is accompanied by clear instructions to guide you through programming on your own with Keysight VEE. The modules are expected to take 45 minutes each, but they are conveniently self-paced so you can continue the course at any time.

LearnVEE module 3 is now available. Learn how to import remote UserFunctions and understand more about ActiveX and Microsoft .NET technology in VEE.

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