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Be The First and The Best in 5G

Keysight’s 5G Test Solutions are Ready to Enable Deeper Insights

Being first and best in 5G depends on tools that let you explore new signals, scenarios and topologies. Keysight’s 5G test solutions are ready to enable deeper insights as development of the standard evolves.

Keysight provides multiple 5G New Radio (NR) software solutions covering the whole testing lifecycle from Design Simulation and R&D, DVT and Conformance, and Manufacturing. Software solutions for 5G NR are ready with SystemVue, Signal Studio Pro, 89600 VSA software and X-Series signal analyzer measurement application.

Keysight 5G Test Solutions

  • 89600 VSA software with 5G NR option has the modulation analysis with essential downlink and uplink signal configurations for EVM and other signal characteristics for better signal quality with various troubleshooting tools.
  • Signal Studio Pro for 5G NR is a flexible signal creation tool that will reduce the time you spend on 5G NR signal simulation which can quickly and easily generate validated 5G NR signals for component, transmitter, and receiver test.
  • 5G NR measurement application simplifies complex measurements for EVM and spectrum and delivers repeatable results with standard-based settings for downlink and uplink which can help you gain more insights into the device performance and speed time-to-market with the same measurements leveraged across different hardware platforms such as X-Series signal analyzers or modular platforms.
  • SystemVue with 5G library provides 5G NR signal creation and analysis with trusted reference algorithm for 5G NR including all numerology and signal configuration to model all RF impairment to minimize the design errors later in the development cycle.

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