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Manufacturing & Production Test

As the world rapidly transforms with new technologies constantly emerging in the market, engineers in the consumer electronics, industrial and medical industries rush to design products which incorporate the latest trends. The rate of change is increasing, and the pace of product innovation is expanding.

However, a few things remain unchanged, such as the need to reduce your product and design costs to improve margins, and to reduce your time-to-market in order to meet consumers’ increasing expectation for superior and modern products which evolve with the times.

Keysight can help. With our market-leading hardware and software, and over 75 years of test and measurement experience, let us help you solve your most difficult test challenges to keep you ahead of the curve.

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10 Hints for Using Your Power Supply to Decrease Test Time - Application Note 
Learn how to get the most from your power products by reading this 12-page booklet. When you're trying to boost throughput in time-critical production test systems, a small change in the way you operate or program a supply can have a surprising impact on test speeds. Specifically, the booklet...

Application Note 1999-10-12

3070 Board Tests are Reliable, Repeatable and Transportable. Here's Why. 
It would take a very long paper to discuss all of the factors that make Keysight 3070 tests so reliable, repeatable, and transportable. This paper selects a few of the important ones.

Application Note 2001-08-15

3070 In System Programming (ISP) Family 
On Board Programming, Bottom Line Benefits

Application Note 2002-07-25

3070 Increasing Throughput 
There are decisions one can make that causes a Keysight 3070 test program to be slower or faster than what Test Consultant generates automatically. This paper offers many tips about how to optimize your system's performance.

Application Note 1997-03-03

3070 Series 3 Flash70 Programming Guide 
This guide contains information about the procedures, tasks, and syntax required to perform flash programming with HP 3070 test systems.

Application Note 2001-09-12

33500B Series Waveform Generators - Data Sheet 
This data sheet discusses 33500B Series waveform generators with exclusive Trueform signal generation technology. 33500 Series models and upgrade paths include: 33509B (1 channel) and 33510B.

Data Sheet 2015-11-10

33500B Series Waveform Generators - Product Fact Sheet 
Describes the key features of the 33500B Series Waveform Generators.

Promotional Materials 2012-12-01

33600A Series Trueform Waveform Generators - Product Fact Sheet 
33600A Series offer Trueform technology, the next generation in waveform signal creation and provides more capability, fidelity, and capability, fidelity, and choice than traditional DDS generators.

Brochure 2013-12-21

3D Inline Solder Paste Inspection - Benefit Realized 
100% solder paste inspection helps to reduce the contribution from the print process to solder joint defects.

Application Note 2003-06-01

5DX Virus Protection Software Policy 
Keysight recognizes that customers require data protection for their PC workstations and computer controlled manufacturing equipment such as the 5DX Test System and associated workstations.

Application Note 2004-08-26

5DX Windows 7 Controller Upgrade - Flyer 
Upgrade your 5DX AXI PC controller to enjoy better inspection performance.

Brochure 2017-06-09

81150A and 81160A Pulse Function Arbitrary Noise Generators - Application Note 
The Keysight 81150A and 81160A are pulse function arbitrary noise generators in different speed classes. They permit maximum test efficiency in a wide spectrum of applications.

Application Note 2015-06-18

81150A and 81160A Pulse Function Arbitrary Noise Generators - Data Sheet 
The Keysight 81160A is a pulse function arbitrary noise generator with 330 MHz pulses and 500 MHz sine waves. The unique functionality of this 4-in1 instrument increases test efficiency and confidence.

Data Sheet 2016-08-31

89600 VSA Software - Brochure 
This 89600 VSA software brochure provides an overview of the 89600 VSA vector signal analysis software.

Brochure 2014-08-03

A Cost-effective Way to Test Bluetooth® Modules on Smart Devices - Application Note 
This application note introduces the cost-effective Bluetooth test solution based on N9320B/N9322C BSA which offers an alternative solution for small to device manufacturers

Application Note 2015-09-28

A Cost-effective Way to Test Sub 1-GHz Wireless Modules - Application Note 
This app note describes a Keysight low cost RF test solution that addresses the sub 1-GHz wireless test needs.

Application Note 2015-10-22

A Flexible Test Solution for Internet of things (IoT) devices with ASK/FSK Modulation - App Note 
Use Keysight’s basic RF instruments to measure and analyze ASK/FSK modulated signals commonly used in a variety of products and systems, ranging from personal consumer electronics and automatic meter reading, to giant industrial devices.

Application Note 2015-04-09

A New Process for Measuring and Displaying Board Test Coverage 
Written by Kenneth P. Parker, Keysight Technologies. First presented at Apex 2003, Anaheim, California.

Application Note 2003-01-01

A Quality Test Demands A Quality Fixture 
A Check List for getting a quality board test fixture first time, every time.

Application Note 2001-05-16

AC6800 Series Basic AC Power Sources - Data Sheet 
This data sheet describes product specifications and benefits of the new Keysight AC6800 Series basic AC Power sources.

Data Sheet 2014-05-02

Accurate Current Waveform Measurements of Non Volatile Memory Devices using the CX3300 
This application describes CX3300 enabling you to easily and accurately visualize never before seen true transient current waveform of NVM materials and devices.

Application Note 2017-03-03

Agilent Technologies Introduces EMI Receiver  

Press Materials 2011-03-15

Analyzing and Trending Battery Charging Temperature Rise Using an IR Thermal Imager and Handheld DMM 
This application note show how the U5850 series TrueIR thermal imagers and contact type temperature measurement solutions can work hand in hand to effectively analyze charging temperature rise.

Application Note 2015-08-24

AOI - A Strategy for Closing the Loop 
This paper describes a set of defect prevention solutions centered on the availability of high-quality inspection and measurements data from an AOI system and a few carefully engineered software applications

Application Note 2006-04-16

Appliance Testing 
In this Application Note following the description of the appliance testing application, measurement and control requirements for characterizing devices are discussed. Then, Keysight VXI-based data acquisition suitable for such an application is listed. Description Household and commercial...

Application Note 1997-11-01


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