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Fundamentals of Electronic Test & Measurement

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When to Use AOI, When to Use AXI, and When to Use Both 
by Stig Oresjo, senior test strategy consultant at Keysight Technologies.

Application Note 2002-12-01

An Introduction to Multiport and Balanced Device Measurements (AN 1373-1) 
The increase in integration in the wireless communications and electronics industries and the need to decrease size, cost, weight, and power consumption is driving design engineers to replace discrete components with more complex modules.

Application Note 2002-11-11

Comparison of Mixer Characterization using New Vector Characterization Techniques – White Paper 
This paper presents a novel method for characterizing RF mixers, yielding magnitude, phase, and group delay response of the conversion loss, as well as the input match and output match.

Application Note 2002-10-04

Fundamentals of Signal Analysis Series (AN 1405-2) 
This application note is a primerfor those who are unfamiliar with the class of analyzers we call dynamic signal analyzers. These instruments are particularly appropriate for the analysis of signals in the range of a few millihertz to about a hundred kilohertz.

Application Note 2002-08-06

Fundamentals of Signal Analysis Series (AN 1405-1) 
This Application Note is a primer for those who are unfamiliar with the advantages of analysis in the frequency and modal domains.

Application Note 2002-05-24

VNA and TDR Techniques for Circuit Board Characterization 
by Gigatest Labs. Review the value of using both TDR and VNA measurements to extract useful information about the properties of transmission lines.

Application Note 2002-04-01

Network Analysis - Balanced and Multiport Device Measurements (1373-2) 
The use of differential components such as surface acoustic wave (SAW) filters and differential amplifiers is becoming more common in the wireless industry because they have greater performance than their single-ended counterparts.

Application Note 2002-03-08

Keysight 3070 Outsource Series Pay-Per-Use Board Test System 
With a Keysight 3070 Outsource Pay-Per-Use System, you can define your system according to the products you have to test.

Application Note 2002-03-08

8 Hints for Debugging and Validating High-speed Buses 
8 Hints for Debugging High-speed Buses

Application Note 2002-03-05

How to use the Keysight 81200 together with Keysight VEE - Application Note 
This attached Product Note shows how to use the Keysight 81200 Data Generator/Analyzer together with Keysight VEE for Signal Integrity Analysis.

Application Note 2002-01-28

Cryogenic On-Wafer Measurement Techniques to 18K 
by Cascade Microtech

Application Note 2002-01-17

Network Analysis Basics - Understanding and Improving Dynamic Range (1363-1) 
This Application Note explains that achieving the highest possible network analyzer dynamic range is extremely important when characterizing many types of microwave devices, and in some cases the key factor in determining measurement performance.

Application Note 2001-11-01

Network Analysis - Balanced Measurement Example: SAW Filters (1373-5) 
SAW filters are commonly used in wireless communication products because of their very sharp response characteristics, relatively low insertion loss, and low cost.

Application Note 2001-09-17

Network Analysis - Balanced Measurement Example: Baluns (1373-6) 
Differential circuits are becoming more widely used in RF circuits for the same reasons that they have been used for years in lower frequency analog circuits.

Application Note 2001-09-17

Network Analysis Basics - 10 Hints for Making Better Network Analyzer Measurements (AN 1291-1B) 
This Application Note contains hints to help you understand and improve your use of network analyzers, and a summary of network analyzers and their capabilities.

Application Note 2001-09-17

Network Analysis - Balanced Measurement Example: Differential Amplifiers (1373-7) 
This Application Note describes Keysight balanced-measurement solutions they have developed that offer the most accurate method available for measuring differential RF circuits.

Application Note 2001-09-10

3070 Board Tests are Reliable, Repeatable and Transportable. Here's Why. 
It would take a very long paper to discuss all of the factors that make Keysight 3070 tests so reliable, repeatable, and transportable. This paper selects a few of the important ones.

Application Note 2001-08-15

Advanced impedance measurement capability of the RF I-V method (AN 1369-2) 
This application note describes the difference between the network analyzer and impedance analyzer for the measurement principle and actual measurement performance.

Application Note 2001-07-26

Comparing AOI and AXI 
Choosing the right technology requires looking at board mix, capital budget and other business considerations. But most of all, you need to understand the typical characteristics of each technology.

Application Note 2001-07-25

Digital Basics for Cable Television Systems 
If you install, upgrade, or maintain digital or mixed digital/analog systems, this book is your complete guide to this new world.

Application Note 2001-07-19

Up-and-Down Programming DUT Power Supplies 
There seems to be some confusion on what the current limits are when using the DUT supplies in the Keysight 3070 system. While this article is not meant to be an exhaustive treatise on the subject, a little clarification might help.

Application Note 2001-05-17

Running Rocky Mountain Basic from Board Test Basic 
Many of you have existing programs written in Rocky Mountain Basic (RM-Basic), or have found the RM-Basic program examples given in Keysight manuals, and wish to use them to do external instrumentation control using the Keysight 3070 Board Test Family.

Application Note 2001-05-17

Fundamentals of RF and Microwave Power Measurements (AN 64-1C) 
This Application Note is for information only. Keysight no longer sells or supports these products.

Application Note 2001-04-16

8 Hints for Making Better RF Counter Measurements 
This Brochure focuses on making better RF counter measurements by understanding the effects of counter architecture; recognizing the difference between resolution and accuracy, and scheduling calibration to match performance needs. In addition, the impact of timebase options is discussed along...

Application Note 2001-04-10

LCR/Impedance Measurement Basics 
presents impedance, component value definitions, typical measurement problemsand their solutions, and error correction and compensation techniques.

Application Note 2001-03-28


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