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NFC / EMV Test

Near Field Communication (NFC) standards cover communication protocols and data exchange formats, and are based on existing short range RFID HF technologies working at 13.56 MHz. The number of NFC enabled devices continues to grow with hundreds-of-millions available in the market. NFC products appear in many form factors; smartphones and point-of-sales terminals, consumer-electronics such as portable speakers, headphones, remote controllers and health devices. While many applications benefit from NFC’s added value, electronic payments are becoming consumer-mainstream. There are many commercial contactless card payment deployments worldwide with smartphones and electronic-wallet trials and deployments also emerging. To make these applications successful, it is necessary to test conformance and interoperability with NFC/contactless infrastructure. Industry bodies such as ISO, EMVCo, NFC Forum and GSMA are developing and maintaining programs to ensure device conformance and interoperability.

Payment schemes have incorporated contactless technology as a fast and secure method for transactions. EMVTM contactless payment standards share a common ISO technical foundation to NFC mobile devices. The payment industry has develop their own EMV Level 1 standards which leverage existing ISO 14443 Type A and B technologies. EMV standards enable type-approval of Cards, Terminals and Mobile devices.

The NFC Forum has also completed technical and test specifications that enable developers to successfully test and certify their NFC devices in Card Emulation Mode, Reader / Writer or Peer to Peer modes. The NFC Forum liaises with the payment industry to align test plans and base its technology on common ISO proximity and vicinity standards.

In cooperation with its partner FIME, Keysight offers NFC and EMV conformance test tools. FIME test bench, based in Keysight’s NFC Test Set, is qualified for EMV Level 1 PICC/Mobile RF certification test.

As a world leader in test and measurement solutions, Keysight Technologies offers an extensive set of modeling, development and test tools to help ensure the quality of systems and components. Accelerate Wireless Design and Test with Flexible, High-Performance Platforms

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