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Insight. It comes upon you in a flash. And you know at once you have something special. At Keysight Technologies, the foundation is our unique mix of hardware, software and people. You can count on test equipment and design software that is built on more than 75 years of leadership in measurement science.

The continuing innovation across new and existing cellular technologies present challenges in designing and testing of mobile networks and devices. As the world’s leading electronic measurement company, Keysight technologies continues to be at the forefront offering full portfolio of cellular test and design solutions that span the entire lifecycle – from simulation to R&D, design verification and pre-conformance, conformance, manufacturing, through network deployment and service assurance.

We know what it takes for your designs to meet the latest cellular standards. As an active member of 3GPP and other most influential wireless standards bodies and leading 5G forums and consortia, we have been at the forefront of providing standard-compliant cellular test and design tools from the legacy 1G through latest 4G technologies, and maintain our leadership position by providing the largest array of design and test solutions for 5G research covering simulation and test.

We design our instruments to be future-proof, making it easier for you to evolve with changing technologies and stay on the leading edge. You can carry your investment forward with consistent measurement science that spans research and development today and extends to manufacturing and deployment in the future.

Our engineers, experts in design and test, are available to advise, assist and augment your teams all around the world. Our expertise is also readily available through white papers, application notes and webcasts for 5G, Cellular, MIMO and WLAN Test.

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cdma2000 Testing and 8960 Series 10 Video 
Learn about the capability of cdma2000 wireless testing in the 8960 Series 10. 5min Windows Media video

Demo 2004-10-07

Incremental Redundancy in EGPRS 
Illustrates methods for testing incremental redundancy and wireless device receiver performance.

Application Note 2004-05-21

8960 TIA/EIA-98-D Capability Listing 
8960 Series 10 TIA/EIA-98-D Capability Listing for the E1962B and E6701A.

Application Note 2004-02-20

Configuring the GSM/GPRS Lab Application for E-OTD Performance Testing (R&D only) - Application Note 
Configuring the GSM/GPRS Lab Application for E-OTD Performance Testing

Application Note 2003-01-30

Integrate and Verify Protocol Wireless Data Devices 
Using Keysight Wireless Protocol Test Solutions, E6900A Wireless Test Set and Protocol Applications, E5515C Wireless Test Set and Lab Applications.

Application Note 2002-12-05

Understanding GSM/EDGE Transmitter and Receiver Measurements for Base Transceiver Stations (AN 1312) 
This 36-page application note presents the fundamental RF parametric measurements necessary to characterize GSM/EDGE base transceiver stations and their components.

Application Note 2002-08-24

Get Measurement Accuracy and Repeatability with the Keysight 8960 Series Test Set - Application Note 
Achieve true cost-reduction benefits with fast measurements that are accurate and repeatable. Table of contents What Keysight specifications mean How Keysight 8960 specifications are determined Environmental effects Measurement uncertainty Measured performance of the test...

Application Note 2001-11-05

Investigating Bluetooth Modules: The First Step in Enabling Your Device with a Wireless Link 
This Application Note is designed for vendors or manufacturers who plan to add a wireless link to their products by installing commercially-available, pre-built Bluetooth® modules into them.

Application Note 2001-09-30

Comparison of Keysight Technologies IS-95/IS-2000 Test Sets 
The existing products cover the IS-95 CDMA standard with a wealth of features,while the E5515C/E1962B provides IS-2000 coverage with a more limited feature set combined with numerous performance enhancements.

Application Note 2001-07-18

Using the ESG-D Series of RF Signal Generators and the 8922 GSM Test Set for GSM - Product Note 
The ESG series RF signal generators provides precise frequency and level control, modulation (AM, FM, Phase Modulation and Pulse Modulation), and a choice of frequency coverage.

Application Note 2001-05-29

Understanding General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) (AN 1377) 
In response to customer demand for wireless Internet access and as a stepping-stone to 3G networks many GSM operators are rolling out general packet radio service(GPRS).This technology increases the data rates of existing GSM networks,allowing transport of packet based data.

Application Note 2001-03-22

Standards Comparison for Key Measurements on Mobile Stations for cdma2000 and IS-98-C 
This product note outlines the key differences between the standards for IS-95 (IS-98C) mobile stations and IS-98-D (cdma2000) mobile stations.

Application Note 2001-03-02

Multi-Coded Waveform Quality and Code Domain Measurements for cdma2000 
Waveform quality is the basic measure of the performance of a CDMA system transmitter. The success of a CDMA system lies in its efficient use of power, and the waveform quality measurement gives the percent of power that correlates to the ideal code.

Application Note 2001-02-14

Optimum Power Measurements using Keysight Technologies Base Station Test Sets (PN 8935/8921-1) 
This Product Note includes the following: Description of the power measurement method Availability of the power measurement method on the Keysight E6380A and the Keysight 8921A Option 600. How each power measurement method is implemented on the E6380A and the 8921A Option 600. When each power...

Application Note 2000-08-01

TS-5550 Cellular Phone Functional Test Platform (PN TS-5550) 
This 12-page color print on demand Product Note discusses the TS-5550 platform features and benefits, including the ability to test up to four celluar phones at once. It is a flexible system for rapid development of cellular phone functional test. Configuration and ordering structure is also given.

Application Note 2000-08-01

Understanding CDMA Measurements for Base Stations and Their Components (AN 1311) 
This Application Note presents the fundamental measurement principles for the RF parametric tests performed on Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) base stations and their components.

Application Note 2000-06-01

Optimizing your TDMA Network Today and Tomorrow: Interference Identification for IS-136 TDMA... 
This Application Note provides an overview of how drive-test tools can help optimize your TDMA-based cellular and PCS networks. These tools allow you to turn-up networks faster, reduce optimization time, and improve network quality of service.

Application Note 2000-05-04

Power Measurements Using 8920B Solutions for AMPS, NAMPS, and TDMA Mobile Phones (PN 8920B) 
There is some confusion among users regarding the power measurements that appear on the different screens of 8920B Test Set solutions. This Product Note is intended to give 8920B solutions users an insight into the power measurements appearing on different screens of...

Application Note 2000-05-01

ESG Option 201 Real-time IS-2000 Measurements 
This Product Note discusses features, setup, and applications for the Keysight ESG Option 201 Real-time cdma2000 personality. It is intended to provide R&D designers working on DSPs, ASICs, and other firmware components of IS-95 and IS-2000 mobile phones with techniques for testing and...

Application Note 2000-04-03

Product Comparison: the E8285A CDMA Mobile Station Test Set versus the 8924C CDMA Mobile Station... 
The Keysight 8924C Option 601 CDMA Mobile Station Test Set and E8285A CDMA MS Service Test Set act as calibrated, high performance base stations to provide the essential set of measurements required to test the parametric and functional characteristics of dual-band, dual-mode CDMA phones. This...

Application Note 2000-04-01

A Software Algorithm for Implementing Automatic Power Ranging in the 8960 Series 10 Wireless... 
This Product Note presents a software algorithm for performing automatic power ranging in the Keysight 8960 Series 10 wireless communications test set with the Keysight E1960A GSM mobile test application installed. Keysight E1960A GSM mobile test application revisions, up to and including, A.01.04...

Application Note 1999-04-01

Positioning Paper: Keysight Technologies 8924E versus 8924C 
CDMA MS Service Test Sets act as calibrated, high performance base stations to provide the essential set of measurements required to test the parametric and functional characteristics of cellular, dual-mode CDMA phones. Additionally, when combined with the Keysight Technologies 83236B PCS...

Application Note 1998-09-01

CDPD MDBS Cell Site Test Software Troubleshooting 
This Product Note is a troubleshooting guide designed to answer the most problematic and typical questions that occur when testing a CDPD MDBS with the Keysight Technologies 8921A CDPD test solution. General situations Data collection does not work A parameter you changed does not...

Application Note 1997-06-01

CDPD Conceptual Overview 
Cellular Digital Packet Data (CDPD) is a system in which a robust packet data service can be added to existing Advanced Mobile Phone System (AMPS) cellular voice systems for a relatively small increase in base station cost. CDPD is a transparent overlay on an existing AMPS system. It makes use of...

Application Note 1997-04-01

The Personal Handy Phone System in Japan's Wireless Communication Market 
This Application Note is a review of the Personal Handy Phone System, including a comparison of the PHS system to other wireless standards.

Application Note 1996-11-01


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