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Long Term Evolution - LTE Test

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Accelerate Wireless Design and Test with Flexible, High-Performance Platforms

Keysight gives you “greater insight” into your Long Term Evolution (LTE) designs and LTE Test. We provide reduced design uncertainty, faster and easier development of high-performing LTE products and help you find root causes faster. Now with first-to-market test solutions for LTE-Advanced.

To learn more about LTE technology: LTE Technology Overview

To learn more about the LTE implementation of MIMO: MIMO Test

Receive App Notes, CD's and other resources: Long Term Evolution - LTE Resources

To find the product that fits your stage of Long Term Evolution (LTE) development see links to the left.


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  • no image available Cellular + WiFi Emulation System 
    no image available

    Cellular + WiFi Emulation System

    A complete cellular and WiFi emulation system, with the ability to simultaneously verify the performance from data traffic generation to physical transmission, layers 1 to 7.

  • no image available Solução de rede sem fio Nemo 
    no image available

    Solução de rede sem fio Nemo

    Cutting-edge network RF measurement and analytics solutions under the Nemo brand; applicable to a wide range of customers including mobile operators, network equipment manufacturers, service contractors and regulatory bodies.

  • no image available Software VSA 89600 
    no image available

    Software VSA 89600

    89600 VSA software measures RF & vector modulation qualities of digitally modulated signals. Use vector signal analyzer software in R&D to troubleshoot over 75 different standards and vector modulation formats.