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Wireless Connectivity

Our engineers, experts in test, develop equipment and systems ahead of the technology wave— clearing the path for you to develop the components, modules and devices that make our connected world possible. Keysight participates in many of the standards organizations and works with countless design, development, integration and manufacturing engineers to provide the best tools in the industry. Greater insight. Greater confidence. Accelerate next-generation wireless.

A full portfolio of test and design solutions from Keysight also spans the range of cellular technologies; LTE, 4G LTE, MIMO, HSPA, HSPA+, and more.

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WiMedia-Based MB-OFDM Ultra-Wideband Validation Software Automates Verification 

Materiais para imprensa 2009-02-05

MB-OFDM UltraWideband demo video 
See a quick overview of how the U7239A UWB PHY compliance test software operates

Demonstração 2009-01-30

Multiband OFDM UWB Signal Analysis Video Demonstration 
A short video demonstration that shows how to recognize the different sections of a MB-OFDM UWB signal burst.

Demonstração 2009-01-28

MIMO Measurement Tips with Keysight P-Series Power Meters and U2000 Series USB Power Sensors 
This application note provides an overview of MIMO, and shows the steps of performing an accurate and repeatable MIMO power measurement by using USB sensors or P-series power meter and sensors.

Nota de aplicação 2009-01-20

Using Base Station and MIMO Channel Emulators for Mobile WiMAX Devices 
This article describes how a channel emulator can be used to characterize the performance of a MIMO receiver. The testing was done in stages of increasing complexity, namely testing under AWGN conditions, MIMO testing with known static channels, and finally testing with channels chosen to represent “real world” behavior.

Artigo 2009-01-11

What Every RF Engineer Should Know: OFDM & WiMax 
Feature story by Janine Love.

Estudo de Caso 2008-12-27

N6422C WiMAX™ Wireless Test Manager - Technical Overview 
Keysight's test manager software provides ready-to-use tests, test plans, test sequencing, and menu-selectable hardware support for quick and easy automation of device verification and pre-conformance test processes.

Visão Técnica 2008-12-17

Expert Advice: The Importance of Average vs. Peak Performance in Cellular Wireless 
The average efficiency of the cell remains much lower than the peaks. November 2008 article by Moray Rumney linked with permission by Microwave Journal.

Artigo 2008-11-17

UWB Antenna Measurements with the 20 GHz E5071C ENA Network Analyzer 
This application note describes benefits of measuring UWB antennas with the E5071C 20 GHz option and introduces measurement tips for using the gating feature with the E5071C.

Nota de aplicação 2008-11-10

AM/FM IBOC Measurements with the Keysight N9340B 

Nota de aplicação 2008-10-28

Mobile WiMAX™ Test Set Solutions Brochure 

Brochura 2008-10-21

Agilent Technologies Introduces Industry-First End-to-End DigRF V4 Measurement Solution for Mobile  

Materiais para imprensa 2008-10-01

Agilent Technologies' New PXB MIMO Receiver Tester Transforms MIMO Test for R&D Engineers 

Materiais para imprensa 2008-10-01

Agilent Technologies to Demonstrate Comprehensive Lineup of Fixed, Mobile WiMAX™ Test Solutions a 

Materiais para imprensa 2008-10-01

Agilent Technologies Announces Manufacturing Test Support for WiMAX™ Devices Based on PMC-Sierra' 

Materiais para imprensa 2008-09-30

MIMO Signal Analysis Videos 
Measurement demonstrations on a WLAN MIMO device

Demonstração 2008-09-29

Agilent Technologies, Altair Semiconductor to Help Manufacturers Speed Development of Mobile WiMAX™ 

Materiais para imprensa 2008-09-29

Agilent Technologies' Firmware Update for its Mobile WiMAX™ Test Set Enables Faster Data  

Materiais para imprensa 2008-09-25

Agilent Technologies' New X-Series Digital Video Measurement Applications Automate DVB-T/H and DTMB  

Materiais para imprensa 2008-09-10

Agilent Technologies Enhances Full Drive Test Functionality with Industry's Smallest WiMAX™ Scann 

Materiais para imprensa 2008-08-28

Agilent Technologies' New Software Options Provide Full Drive Test Functionality  

Materiais para imprensa 2008-08-25

PDF PDF 124 Bytes
Agilent Technologies' New Software Options Provide Full Drive Test Functionality on Handheld Ultra M 

Materiais para imprensa 2008-08-25

Analyze Antenna Approaches for LTE Wireless Systems 
Multiple-antenna techniques are a large part of improved performance in LTE wireless systems, but they must be properly understood in order to be properly tested.

Artigo 2008-08-13

Solutions for MB-OFDM Ultra-Wideband (UWB) Application Note 
Application note describes hardware and software for ultra wideband (UWB) testing.

Nota de aplicação 2008-08-10

Mobile WiMAX™ PHY Layer (RF) Operation and Measurement 
This application note describes the operation and physical layer measurements of 802.16e OFDMA Mobile WiMAX devices.

Nota de aplicação 2008-07-17


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