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Impedance and Impedance Matching

Impedance measurement is important not only in passive components industry but also various industries such as materials, power supply, and so on. Physical parameters like capacitance (C), inductance (L) and resistance (R) are measured based on the impedance. Also, material parameters (permittivity: ε, permeability: μ) can be derived through impedance measurements. Keysight has a complete line of impedance test equipment and test accessories to help your measurement. When you choose an impedance measurement product from Keysight, you get more than accurate and reliable test results.

  • no image available Medidores de LCR & medidores de impedância 
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    Medidores de LCR & medidores de impedância

    Visão geral: medidores de LCR, medidores de capacitância, medidores de corrente e tensão, medidores de alta resistência, miliohmímetros. Os medidores de LCR da Keysight têm diversas aplicações em P&D e na linha de produção.

  • Advanced Design System (ADS) 

    Advanced Design System (ADS)

    The industry’s leading RF, microwave & high speed digital electronic design automation software for wireless communications & networking, aerospace & defense, and signal integrity applications.

  • Momentum 3D Planar EM Simulator 

    Momentum 3D Planar EM Simulator

    Momentum is a 3D planar electromagnetic (EM) simulator used for passive circuit analysis. It accepts arbitrary design geometries (including multi-layer structures) and accurately simulates complex EM effects including coupling and parasitics.

  • EMPro 3D EM Simulation Software 

    EMPro 3D EM Simulation Software

    EMPro is the first 3D Electromagnetic EM simulation software platform that completely integrates 3D EM simulation and the ADS circuit simulation software.

  • no image available Software de Design de RF e Micro-ondas Genesys 
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    Software de Design de RF e Micro-ondas Genesys

    Genesys is an affordable, accurate, easy-to-use RF and microwave simulation software created for the circuit board and subsystem designer.