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Digital Design & Interconnect Standards

In digital standards, every generational change puts new risks in your path. We see it first hand when creating our products and working with engineers like you. Keysight’s solution set for high-speed digital test is a combination of instrumentation and broad expertise built on our ongoing involvement with industry experts. By sharing our latest experiences, we can help anticipate challenges and accelerate your ability to create products you’ll be proud of.

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Soft Touch Connectorless Logic Analyzer Probes - Application Notes 

Application Note 2015-05-20

Using the Keysight Infiniium Series Real-time Oscilloscope to Validate the DigRF 
The DigRF v3 standard presents new digital hardware validation challenges for mobile wireless development as the links between the baseband (BB) ICs and the radio frequency (RF) ICs transition from an analog interface to a digital interface.

Application Note 2009-05-27

10 Reasons to Upgrade to a 16800 or 16900 Series Logic Analyzer 
10 Reasons to Upgrade to a 16800 or 16900 Series Logic Analyzer

Application Note 2007-12-03

Improve Your Time-to-Insight:Debugging Intermittent Memory Failures in DDR and DDR2 Systems 
Application Note 1575

Application Note 2006-04-14

Passively Probing an InfiniBand System with a Keysight 16700 Series Logic Analysis System 
Passively Probing an InfiniBand with Keysight 16700 Series Logic Analysis System

Application Note 2004-03-05

8 Hints for Debugging and Validating High-speed Buses 
8 Hints for Debugging High-speed Buses

Application Note 2002-03-05

Designing and Validating High-Speed Memory Buses (AN 1382-2) 
DDR SDRAM (double data rate synchronous dynamic random access memory) is quickly becoming an accepted technology in the PC (personal computer) industry. Its low cost, high performance, and increasingly wide availability make it very desirable for PC memory buses and embedded designs such as high...

Application Note 2001-12-20