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Application Information About Specific Components & Devices

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Simplified Motor Spin-up Analysis (AN 1200-1) 
This Application Brief offers the Keysight 53310A Modulation Domain Analyzer as a solution to the problem of characterizing a motor's performance without the need for external controller.

Application Note 2000-08-01

Direct Characterization of Motion Control Systems (AN 1200-2) 
This Application Brief is one of a series. It demonstrates how the Keysight 53310A makes it easy to capture and view velocity profiles, without the need for an external controller.

Application Note 2000-08-01

Fundamentals of Modal Testing (AN 243-3) 
This modal test 56 page Application Note provides an verview of structural dynamics theory, the measurement process for acquiring frequency response data, parameter estimation (curve fitting), and the analytical techniques of structural analysis and their relation to experimental testing (such...

Application Note 2000-05-01

Bearing Runout Measurements (AN 243-7) 
This Application Note introduces the challenge of making runout measurements in disk drives, which is a critical step in increasing storage capacity. It explains the test setup required and shows measurements of repeatable and non-repeatable runout, synchronous and asynchronous runout, and...

Application Note 2000-05-01

Effective Machinery Measurements Using Dynamic Signal Analyzers (AN 243-1) 
This Application Note outlines the benefits of vibration analysis and provides basic information on making machinery measurements. It explains how vibration is converted to electrical signals and how the frequency domain helps users identify the comp. of signal. It also identifies the vibration...

Application Note 1997-12-01

Electronic Heater Valves Testing (AN 1270-4) 
Production testing of heater/air conditioning system valves is performed on high speed HP automatic test systems with minimum operator interface. This Application Note describes a typical HP VXI system configuration for testing automotive heater/air-conditioning system valves.

Application Note 1995-06-01

Fundamentals of the z-Domain and Mixed Analog/Digital Measurements (AN 243-4) 
This Application Note is for information only. Keysight no longer sells or supports these products.

Application Note 1989-08-01

Measuring Switching Power Supply Stability with the HP 3562A (AN 243-2) 
This Application Note is for information only. Keysight no longer sells or supports these products.

Application Note 1987-02-01


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