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RF + Microwave

For most of your RF & Microwave measurement needs, you can find application & solution information here.

Be sure to check the library of application notes for detailed information on using your equipment and successfully completing the measurements you need.

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Electronic Products - 2008 Product of the Year Award 
Analyzer changes fundamental way communications networks are designed

Article 2009-01-01

Agilent Technologies Announces Breakthrough in X-Parameter Nonlinear Model Generation 
Agilent Technologies Announces Breakthrough in X-Parameter Nonlinear Model Generation for Components Used in Wireless, Aerospace Defense Industries

Press Materials 2008-12-17

Boosting PLL Design Efficiency From free-running VCO characterizations to closed-loop PLL evaluation 
This application note describes introduces practical solutions for VCO/PLL performance evaluation and gives actual examples of parameter measurements using the E5052B.

Application Note 2008-11-21

Characterizing Clock Jitter through Phase Noise Measurements Speeds up Design Verification Process 
This white paper discusses a new measurement method for obtaining highly accurate low random jitter (RJ) measurements and performing real-time analysis of RJ and periodic jitter (PJ) of components.

Application Note 2008-11-20

Agilent Announces Industry's First Licensing Model Dedicated to Advanced Verification for RFICs 
Agilent Technologies Announces Industry's First Licensing Model Dedicated to Advanced Verification for RFICs

Press Materials 2008-11-19

Agilent Demonstrates Unrivalled Range of Measurement Solutions at Electronica 2008 

Press Materials 2008-11-11

Parasitic Reduction Tool Enhances RFIC Simulation Speed, Capacity While Preserving Accuracy 
Agilent announces Jivaro-for-GoldenGate, a parasitic model order-reduction tool designed for GoldenGate.

Press Materials 2008-11-04

IHP Announces SiGe Process Design Kit (SG25H3) for Use with Agilent's ADS 
Innovations for High Performance Microelectronics (IHP), Frankfurt (Oder), Germany, today announced the availability of a leading-edge ADS process design kit (PDK) for IHP’s 0.25µm SiGe process (SG25H3).

Press Materials 2008-10-27

Characterizing phase-locked-loop signal transition behaviors of Microphonic/Phase-hit 
This paper discusses how Keysight's Signal Source Analyzer helps you to identify unwanted phase-locked-loop transition "phase-hits", and achieve easy, comprehensive and accurate phase-locked-loop characterization in both linear and nonlinear regions.

Application Note 2008-10-02

Agilent Technologies' GoldenGate Simulator Chosen by Toshiba for RFIC Design, Evaluation 
September 25, 2008 Press Release: Agilent Technologies' GoldenGate Simulator Chosen by Toshiba for RFIC Design, Evaluation

Press Materials 2008-09-25

Large-Signal LDMOS Model Simulation Using Keysight Genesys 
This application note guides the user through simulation of DC IV, S-parameters and swept power data of an LDMOS transistor (NEC NE5511279A) using Keysight Genesys software.

Application Note 2008-08-21

Data Mining 12-Port S-Parameters 

Application Note 2008-08-11

U2000 Series USB Power Sensors - Flyer 
This is a 4-page flyer that highlights the key features and specifications of the U2000 Series USB power sensors.

Brochure 2008-07-16

Agilent Introduces Breakthrough Technology to Analyze Nonlinear Behaviors of Active Components 

Press Materials 2008-06-02

New Test Methodologies Improve EMI Testing Efficiency 
This 7 page application note discusses a sampling of PSA features of interest to the EMI community that will increase both the quality of data and speed by which results can be derived.

Application Note 2008-05-28

MMIC Design: Speed to Market with the Lowest Cost and Highest Yield 
This Article by Jack Sifri (Agilent Tech.) brings out the five important steps that are key elements of a successful MMIC Design process, in order to satisfy the speed to market at the lowest cost.

Article 2008-05-15

10 Hints for Getting the Most from your Frequency Counter 
Maximize the results you get from your frequency counter through 10 hints from better from understanding the architecture to making faster measurements.

Application Note 2008-04-18

PNA - Pulsed-RF S-Parameter Measurements Using Wideband and Narrowband Detection (AN 1408-12) 

Application Note 2007-11-28

Agilent Technologies Announces Productivity Breakthroughs with ADS 2008 EDA Software 
Agilent Technologies Announces Productivity Breakthroughs with Advanced Design System 2008 EDA Software

Press Materials 2007-11-13

External waveguide mixing and millimeter wave measurements with PSA Spectrum Analyzers (AN 1485) 

Application Note 2007-10-25

Momentum GX Electromagnetic Simulation for Genesys 

Brochure 2007-09-18

Making Compliance Measurements with the N9039A-Based EMI Measurement Receiver 

Application Note 2007-08-15

Backplane Differential Channel Microprobe Characterization in time and Frequency Domains 

Application Note 2007-05-09

Achive First-Pass LTCC Design Success With DFM 
Understanding the effects of process and component variations can help in constructing LTCC circuit designs that deliver desired performance levels in spite of those variations.

Article 2007-05-01

Flexible Software-Defined Test Instruments 
This Article by Greg Jue presents the next generation of software defined test instruments; a key element in cost control, time to market, design flexibility and standards evolution.

Article 2006-11-01


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