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Nonlinear Vector Network Analyzer (NVNA) Brochure 
NVNA provides the critical leap in technology to go beyond linear S-parameters, allowing efficient and accurate analysis and design of active devices under real world operating conditions.

Брошюра 2018-05-31

Genesys Overview 
Genesys continues to offer the industry’s most powerful RF circuit and system synthesis capabilities in an affordable, accurate and easy-to-use simulation software that you’ve come to love. Keysight Sys-Parameters provide breakthrough convenience in using component datasheet parameters such as amplifier P1dB, IP3, gain and noise figure over frequency, temperature and bias for simulation without the need to create custom files and equations.

Демонстрация 2016-02-11

The Modelithics COMPLETE Library v12.3 for Keysight Technologies' Genesys RF Simulation Tool 
Modelithics announces the release of a new version of The Modelithics® COMPLETE Library, version 12.3, for use with Genesys RF simulation and synthesis software.

Материалы для прессы 2016-01-08

Keysight Technologies' University Educational Support Programs Now in More Than 200 Universities 
Keysight announces that more than 200 universities in North America are now participating in the Keysight EEsof EDA University Educational Support Programs, which provide several thousand students with EDA software licenses.

Материалы для прессы 2015-08-20

X-parameter Videos on YouTube 
X-parameter Video Library playlist in Keysight EEsof EDA's Channel on YouTube.

Демонстрация 2014-08-06

Решения для аэрокосмической и оборонной промышленности - Мы поможем вам сосредоточиться на главном 
В брошюре предлагаются решения для аэрокосмической и оборонной промышленности в области радиолокации, РЭБ, военных систем связи, тестирования спутникового оборудования, средств обеспечения национальной безопасности, авионики, систем наведения, навигации и определения местоположения.

Брошюра 2014-08-03

Helping you focus where it counts in aerospace and defense - Brochure 
This brochure covers the latest A/D test resources focused on Radar, EW, Satellite, MicComm and SDR.

Брошюра 2014-08-01

Нелинейный векторный анализатор цепей (NVNA) - Брошюра 
Нелинейный векторный анализатор цепей обеспечивает технологический прорыв, позволяя выйти за рамки линейных S-параметров, чтобы более точно анализировать и проектировать активные устройства в реальных условиях.

Брошюра 2014-08-01

Решения для измерения параметров и проектирования линейных и нелинейных активных компонентов 
Данные рекомендации описывают точное измерение характеристик нелинейных устройств

Руководство по применению 2014-07-31

Genesys 2014 Delivers Breakthrough Modulated RF Analysis for Circuit, System Design 
Keysight announces the latest release of Genesys 2014.

Материалы для прессы 2014-05-27

Agilent Technologies Engineers Author X-Parameters* Book 
Agilent Technologies Engineers Author X-Parameters* Book

Материалы для прессы 2013-10-30

Keysight EEsof EDA Premier Communications Design Software 
The Keysight EEsof EDA catalog provides an excellent overview of all of Keysight's Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tools.

Каталог 2013-10-07

Industry Publications on X-Parameters 
A number if important industry publications on X-parameters.

Статья 2013-07-12

Simulation and Measurement-based X-parameter Models for Power Amplifiers with Envelope Tracking 
An investigation of envelope tracking power amplifiers using simulation-based and measurement-based frequency domain static XP models.

Статья 2013-06-30

Agilent Technologies Commits $90 Million Gift of Software to Georgia Institute of Technology 
Agilent announces the largest in-kind software donation ever in its longstanding relationship with the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Материалы для прессы 2013-02-04

Agilent Technologies Ships Newest GoldenGate Software Release for RFIC Designers 
Agilent announces shipment of its GoldenGate 2012.10 RFIC simulation, verification and analysis software.

Материалы для прессы 2012-11-16

Agilent Technologies Collaborates with Thales to Apply X-parameters* Technology to RF System Design 
Agilent announces that its ongoing collaboration with Thales, a global technology leader for the defense and security and the aerospace and transport markets, has expanded the reach of X-parameters technology to wideband super-heterodyne receiver applications.

Материалы для прессы 2012-06-20

Agilent to Demonstrate Its Newest RF/Microwave Design and Test Products at IMS 
Agilent will demonstrate its newest design and test products for advanced RF and microwave research, development and manufacturing at the 2012 IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium (Booth 1015), June 17-22, at the Palais des congrès de Montréal.

Материалы для прессы 2012-06-04

Agilent Technologies' Newest GoldenGate Software Release Accelerates Design Verification 
Agilent announced the latest release of its RFIC simulation, verification and analysis software, GoldenGate 2012.

Материалы для прессы 2012-06-04

Agilent Announces Availability of Mitsubishi Electric's Nonlinear RF Model Library for ADS 
Agilent announces that the latest model library for Mitsubishi Electric's nonlinear GaAs and GaN RF devices is now available for use with Advanced Design System (ADS).

Материалы для прессы 2012-01-12

Agilent Technologies Advances X-Parameters Innovations  
Agilent announces the latest wave of X-parameter innovations designed to further advance their use and support the industry's rapidly increasing interest in the technology.

Материалы для прессы 2011-06-08

Time-domain Simulations of High-speed Links with X parameters 

Материалы для прессы 2011-03-24

X-parameters: Commercial implementations of the latest technology enable mainstream applications 
This blog article from Microwave Journal introduces advances in commercially available solutions for characterization, modeling, and design of nonlinear components and systems based on X-parameters.

Статья 2011-01-06

X-parameters Aid MMIC Design 
Microwaves & RF article on how models based X-parameters can provide insights into the linear and nonlinear behavior of key components in wireless systems, including power amplifiers and mixers.

Статья 2010-07-15

A Simplified Extension of X-parameters to Describe Memory Effects for Wideband Modulated Signals 
Model memory effects of microwave amplifiers in the case of wideband modulated signals.

Руководство по применению 2010-05-05

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