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Battery Power Management for Portable Electronic Devices

With the trend toward smaller and lighter mobile wireless devices, using larger batteries is not an option. Designers must optimize the battery operating time of their devices, and analyzing battery current drain can help them accomplish that task. Battery drain analysis entails testing and characterizing the device, its subcircuits, and the battery, both independently and in combination. It includes characterizing current drain out of the battery using different device operating modes and parameters to provide insight into how device operation affects battery drain. This enables designers to analyze design tradeoffs that impact current drain, so they can design the device to maximize battery life. Read full description of Keysight's battery drain solution and its new automation capabilities.

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Solutions For Wireless Handset Battery Drain Characterization 
This brochure describes the use of wireless handset battery drain characterization to maximize battery operating time without jeopardizing your schedule.

Brochure 2014-07-31

Considerations in Making Small Signal Measurements - Application Brief 
The increasing demand for battery-powered mobile devices and energy-efficient green products has triggered a rising demand for a scope measurement solution that can measure the small signals.

Application Note 2013-10-29

Make High Sensitivity, Wide Dynamic Range Current Measurement - Application Note 
The new N2820A Series high-sensitivity current probes from Keysight Technologies address the need for high-sensitivity current measurements with a wide dynamic range.

Application Note 2013-02-26

IFT Battery Current Drain Solution - Application Note 
Provides an overview of the Interactive Functional Test (IFT) battery current drain analysis solution using the 8960 (E5515C) and the 66319/21B or D.

Application Note 2008-09-30

Optimizing Power Savings on WiMax and Other Cellular WWAN Interface Devices - Application Note 
This document describes how to optimze power savings on WiMax and other cellular WWAN interface devices.

Application Note 2008-07-15

Accelerate Wireless Mobile Device Design Validation with Automated Test Solution 
This document describes how to accelerate wireless mobile device design validation using Keysight automated test solutions.

Application Note 2007-10-11

Automating Keysight 14565B Software Battery Drain Measurements with LabVIEW 
This document describes the process of making battery drain measurements with the Keysight 14565B and National Instruments Labview

Application Note 2007-10-11

Battery Drain Analysis Improves Mobile-Device Operating Time - Application Note 
Using specialized tools and analysis techniques can help you create mobile-device designs that extend battery life and improve your productivity.

Application Note 2007-02-01

Evaluating Battery Run-down Performance of the 66319D and the 14565B (AN 1427) 
This application note describes how to easily and accurately evaluate the performance of a mobile wireless device while being directly powered by its battery.

Application Note 2007-01-31

Current Drain Analysis Enhances WLAN Network Card Design and Test - Application Note 
This application note explains how to simplify the complex task of accurately measuring and evaluating the current drain of a WLAN network card for its various operating modes.

Application Note 2006-12-14