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Current Drain Analysis for Wireless Network Interface Cards/Devices

Characterizing current drain and assessing impact on the host laptop operating time is a top priority for all aspects of wireless Network Interface Card (NIC) design & development, especially WiMAX, as 1st generation devices are extremely power hungry. Wireless NICs can greatly reduce the laptop´s battery operating time. For this reason, it is critical for card developers to adopt methods and tools for measuring, visualizing, analyzing, and reducing the current drain of WWAN cards during their development and evolution ─ as well as when they are in use in an actual network.

The complex task of current drain testing on laptop cellular and WiMAX WWAN cards is greatly simplified by using the Keysight 14565B device characterization software in conjunction with a Keysight 66319B/D or 66321B/D DC source, which serve as a ready-to-use solution tailored to battery current drain measurement and analysis.

Now featuring programmability the 14565B can be integrated with test executives. This allows you to "automate" your testing by controlling your RF stimulus (Keysight E6651A) and measuring current drain (14565B+66319D or 66321D) from the same test program. By using Keysight´s Wireless Test Manager Software you can quickly build automated tests with minimal effort by dragging and dropping commands into a test sequence. Supported applications include Keysight´s Wireless Test Manager, Keysight VEE, NI LABVIEW , etc.