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LTE-Advanced Design and Test

4G LTE-Advanced refers to the evolved version of LTE that is being developed by 3GPP to meet or exceed the requirements of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) for fourth generation radio-communication standard known as IMT-Advanced. LTE-Advanced, of the 3GPP standard, is defined in Release 10 and all the follow on releases including Release 12. LTE-Advanced Pro is the new distinctive marker for the capabilities defined in Release 13 (Freeze March 2016) and going forward.

The main new functionalities of Release 10 for LTE-Advanced were Carrier Aggregation (CA), enhanced use of multi-antenna techniques, enhanced uplink, and support for Relay Nodes (RN). Release 11 carried on the work of Release 10 and added new frequency bands and new band combinations and coordinated multi-point operation. Release 12 added LTE technology for emergency and security services, with further work on Mission-Critical Press-to-Talk (MC-PTT) and other features, scheduled in Release 13.Other important features completed included small cells and network densification, D2D, LTE TDD-FDD joint operation including Carrier Aggregation, Security Assurance Methodology (SECAM) for 3GPP Nodes and the integration of WiFi.

Keysight offers a full range of design and test solutions for the challenges of the evolving LTE-Advanced technologies. Providing you with the insight to make that breakthrough design or meet your tight schedule, Keysight high performance products cover the lifecycle from early design and development to conformance test, through volume manufacturing to installation, maintenance and optimization of live network. Keysight is the only company that offers benchtop, modular and software solutions for every step of the LTE lifecycle.

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