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RF System-in-Package & RF Module Design

RF System-in-Package DesignThe trend in the wireless industry toward smaller form factor and more functionality has been driving technology innovations for continued increase in functional density and a decrease in the cost per function. SiP, SoP, and 3DIC technologies are rapidly evolving from a specialty technology used in a narrow set of applications, to a high volume technology that addresses current market and design challenges. However the complex design problems with mixed signal, mixed mode, multi-technology, increased interconnect density and closer design proximity has also increased design challenges to meet design requirements faster and at a lower cost.

Keysight EEsof EDA is the market and technology leader in RF SiP & RF Module design solutions offering:

  • The best methodologies for designing SiPs with high confidence
  • The best RF SiP co-design platform
  • The best way to reduce design failure risks due to unpredicted parasitics

RF SiP/Module Technology Overview

RF SiP/Module Design Value

RF SiP/Module Design Flows

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RF/Microwave Oscillator Phase Noise calculation - Envelope Transient Technique 
A brief Technical Overview on Rigorous RF and Microwave Oscillator Phase Noise calculation using Envelope Transient Technique by E. Ngoya, J. Rousset, and D. Argollo

Technical Overview 2005-06-22

Automated Circuit Modeling Tool for Arbitrary Passive Microwave and RF Components 
This Paper describes an automated circuit-modeling tool developed for arbitrary passive components. The tool builds compact, parameterized, analytical models based on fullwave EM simulations.

Technical Overview 2002-06-24

Overview on Constrained EM-based Modeling of Passive Components 
An Overview by Tom Dhaene, Jan De Geest and Daniel De Zutter (Keysight Technologies) focusing on details of constrained EM-based modeling of passive components.

Technical Overview 2002-06-01

Overview on Co-Simulation of DSP, RF and Analog 
This Paper presents a design environment supporting a mix of simulation engines, signals and models for DSP, RF and analog technologies.

Technical Overview 1999-01-01