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Silicon RFIC Design

Today’s RFIC for wireless connectivity, whether found in cellular or Wi-Fi networks, connected home and automation, or ultra-low power MCUs, smart RF transceivers, radar, satellite, and on towards the evolution of future 5G networks, have been made possible by Keysight’s Advanced Design System (ADS) software. Our proposition leads the way in the silicon RFIC design space:

  • Over 200 Process Design kits from 21 foundries for front-to-back and interoperable design flows using the ADS platform
  • Industry leading circuit simulators delivering best performance, capacity and accuracy for circuit or electro-thermal simulations on complex RFIC designs down to the deep submicron finFet and FDSOI nodes
  • A cohesive and intuitive RF-aware design flow with tight integration of 3D EM simulation technologies encompassing MoM, FEM and FDTD to enable co-simulation of chip level RF circuit blocks, multi-chip and multi-technology modules
  • Tuning, optimization, data viewer and application specific design guides encapsulating years of user experience in an easy to use format
  • Close integration with 3rd party tools for enhanced flexibility in frontend design and manufacturing sign-off
  • Electronic system level design libraries connected into the frontend design flow
  • Proven first time silicon success and faster time to market through our compelling design solutions developed over 2 decades of industry leadership in the RF-space