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RF & Microwave Board Design

RF Board Design

Ever increasing substrate layer counts, smaller form factors, complex packaging technologies, and closer design proximity in RF & MW board design continue to make designs ever more challenging. Keysight EEsof EDA provides proven RF/MW board design solutions with very accurate models and powerful simulation technologies ranging from circuit, electromagnetic (EM), and system level designs.

Key Success Factors for RF Board Design Flows

The keys to success in creating an efficient, practical RF Board design flow include:

  • The Widest variety of synthesis capabilities that enable RF Board designers to explore alternatives quickly and balance RF performance, parts count, and board area, within seconds, as well as to assess the cost-effectiveness of whether to make or buy a commercial component.
  • Accurate model libraries that support different simulation domains for various applications. Behavioral models are also important for initial system level designs and they can be extracted from datasheet, measurement, or simulation based.
  • Comprehensive vendor supplied libraries that enable the simulation of off-the-shelf components.
  • Accurate RF/microwave physical models such as microstrip, stripline, and coplanar waveguide.
  • Comprehensive simulation technologies in one environment including linear/nonlinear in frequency and time domain
  • Accurate and easy-to-use electromagnetic modeling to accurately account for design parasitics and radiation.
  • Co-simulation/Optimization that support system, circuit, physical, and EM co-simulation and optimization throughout the design process.
  • RF-aware Layout that preserves the electrical connectivity from schematic.
  • Robust layout artwork translators to insure a smooth hand-off to PCB manufacturing.
  • Links to high-frequency instruments to close the loop between modeled versus measured.

Unique Value for your RF/MW Board Design Success

Keysight Genesys offers a practical and affordable solution for your RF Board design flow, including:

  • Accelerated time-to-market with key productivity advantages, and an innovative array of simulation technologies.
  • Saved board turns with features for high-yield design, and integrated tools for physical design and EM simulation.
  • Lower requirements for training and support staff.
  • Very attractive pricing for both software and annual support.

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