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DDR Memory Design & Test

Double Data Rate (DDR) Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory (SDRAM) is implemented in several forms today – the original DDR (also called DDR1), DDR2 which improved performance and lowered power consumption, DDR3 with even better performance, and low-power DDR (LPDDR), that is targeted for mobile devices.

Keysight is an active member of JEDEC, with consistent participation in workshops and specification issues. These resources you find here will provide you with an overview of DDR design, understand the latest measurement techniques, and illustrate design and debug approaches.

Use the matrix below to discover specific solutions for your DDR needs.

   Simulation Parametric Test
 Functional Validation
(Logic Analyzers)
DDR2  W2302EP N5413B B4622B W2633B
DDR3  W2302EP U7231B B4622B W3631A
DDR4  Planned N6462A B4622B  
LPDDR2  B4623B N5413B B4622B  
LPDDR3  Planned U7231B B4622B  
GDDRS  Planned U7245A    
UFS    N8818A    

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