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DisplayPort Design and Test

DisplayPort technology has penetrated embedded and consumer electronics applications, offering better color depths, higher refresh and data transfer rates, and support for High-Definition (HD) audio formats. The DisplayPort digital display interface for computers, monitors and home-theater systems not only improves video performance and brings a more immersive experience to consumers and organizations across industries, but also helps lower implementation costs and provides backward compatibility with DVI, VGA and HDMI, enabling users to leverage existing equipment.

Advent of the USB Type C connector: a new development in the industry is the USB Type C connector which brings a new level of value to consumers with power delivery networking and multiple standards for digital content transport. VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association), the governing body for DisplayPort, has embraced this connector and created an Alternate mode to operate using it, called ‘DisplayPort over Type C’, or ‘DPoC’. Though there is added complexity in the validation testing, Keysight has simplified the task with a complete solution set for the Type C environment which includes Receiver, Transmitter and Cable compliance solutions for ALL the standards: USB3.1, Thunderbolt3, and DisplayPort.

Keysight Technologies is an active member of VESA, the Video Electronic Standards Association, which defines DisplayPort specifications and compliance tests. DisplayPort products are tested according to a Compliance Test Specification (CTS) and are certified at specific third party Test Houses such as Allion, Granite River Labs and China Electronics Standards Institute (CESI). Due to our regular participation in VESA’s DisplayPort technology and specification workshops and meetings, we are able to offer you a complete solution set and resources you can trust,including an overview of DisplayPort design, information on the latest measurement techniques, and illustrations of design and debug approaches.

Work with Keysight and gain insights for your best design.

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