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Multi Standard Radio (MSR) Test and Design

As cellular networks continue their migration to 3.9G and even 4G, base transceiver station (BTS) transmitters are being forced to transition into something new altogether. Next-generation base-station transmitters and receivers, will support wider bandwidths and include not only multiple carriers (MCs) of a single radio format, but also multiple formats in one transmitter path. Multi-Standard Radio (MSR) base station, can simultaneously transmit different radio access technologies (RATs) from a single unit. For example, GSM, W-CDMA, HSPA and LTE MCs can now be simultaneously transmitted from a single MSR base-station unit. The ability of the MSR base-station to support multiple formats in a cellular network is critical to driving down both base-station size and cost. Because of this, it is expected to enable a smooth and seamless migration from the widely deployed 2/3G radio formats toward 3.9G (e.g., LTE) and even 4G (e.g., LTE-Advanced) technologies. MSR developers face all the usual design problems of single-carrier systems, along with tremendous new potential for adverse interactions between dissimilar signals on single unit. Keysight provides powerful MSR test and design solutions including the single button embedded measurement application in accordance to 3GPP Rel.9 to more flexible and future-ready products to quickly adapt to evolving technique and standards.

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