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Metrology & Calibration Standards

Feel confident that Keysight metrology is behind every measurement you make

Measurement confidence

Know that every measurement is traceable to National Metrology Institutes (NMIs) through Keysight-engineered calibration procedures that verify instrument specifications.

Metrology advances

Rely on Keysight engineers who work with the NMIs to develop rigorous measurement techniques in existing and emerging technologies.

Shared expertise

Stay up-to-date on changing compliance requirements and their practical applications by working with Keysight metrologists who collaborate with international standards organizations.

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EMI Compliance Test vs. EMI Pre-Compliance Test - Application Brief 
This paper gives you an understanding on the advantage of running an in-house EMI pre-compliance test with a spectrum analyzer, guide you through the process of making a good estimation of your new product's EMI performance, and diagnose unwanted emissions.

Application Note 2018-08-07

ATE System Level Calibration and Its Impact on Cost, Quality and Schedule - White Paper 
This paper proposes an alternative method to provide system level specification and system measurement calibration which will extend the system’s ability to be used for multiple products.

Application Note 2017-03-20

Standards Lab Calibration - Technical Overview 
Keysight has expanded its Standards Lab Calibration offerings to include numerous new capabilities. Learn about our new capabilities, including: optical, physical, dimensional, and many more!

Technical Overview 2016-10-05

Calculating Measurement Uncertainty using Digital Multimeter Ratio Measurement Techniques 
This paper compares three DMM ratio measurement techniques for determining the traceable value and measurement uncertainty of an unknown input.

Application Note 2015-09-04

Using Calibration to Optimize Performance in Crucial Measurements - Application Note 
This application covers two goals: help you ensure that you get the calibration you expect (and deserve), and help you improve effective measurement performance through innovative use of calibration.

Application Note 2015-06-24

Calibration of a Ratio Transformer - White Paper 
Describes a calibration technique for decade ratio transformers which is performed by comparison measurement at 1kHz.

Application Note 2015-06-09

The Six Axes Of Calibration - Application Note 
To help demonstrate the variances in the deliverables and value of calibration due to lack of regulation. They have been split into 6 axes. This document discusses each of these axes.

Application Note 2015-06-04

Specifications Guidelines - Technical Overview 
Keysight Technologies has definitions for its Test & Measurement product specifications and how they are presented. The following material is extracted from these manufacturing recommendations.

Technical Overview 2015-05-27

Attenuation Measurement of Step Attenuators - Application Note 
Describes the T-matrix measurement method for achieving high accuracy in calibrating step attenuators.

Application Note 2015-05-20

Connector Pin Recession and its Effect on Network Analyzer Accuracy - White Paper 
Outlines an experiment undertaken to assess the impact on the measurement of reflection coefficient when using 3.5 mm connectors.

Application Note 2015-05-20

Uncertainty Analysis for Uncorrelated Input Quantities - White Paper 
The Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement (GUM) has been widely adopted in the different fields of the industry and science. Learn how to use for uncorrelated input quantities.

Application Note 2015-05-19

Revisiting Mismatch Uncertainty with the Rayleigh Distribution - White Paper 
This paper examines several important aspects of estimating mismatch uncertainty, which is often a major component of the total uncertainty for RF and microwave measurements.

Application Note 2015-05-19

Fully-Automatic DMM Calibration System - White Paper 
Describes a fully-automatic calibration system for digtial multimeters (DMMs), including the uncertainty estimation of DC Voltage measurements.

Application Note 2015-05-15

A Guard-Band Strategy for Managing False-Accept Risk - White Paper 
Presents guard-band strategy for managing false-accept risk with only limited knowledge of the a priori probability that a device is in tolerance.

Application Note 2015-05-13

Defining Your Calibration Requirement - Technical Overview 
These are the steps that can be taken when actually placing an order to ensure you get a "proper" calibration.

Technical Overview 2015-05-12

Selecting a Calibration Vendor - Application Note 
Cost is important but are there any other questions that need to be asked in selecting a calibration supplier?

Application Note 2015-05-07

The Metrological & Financial Implications of a Clogged Fan Filter - Application Note 
This article discussed the implications of having a clogged air filter and addresses solutions to helping in the prevention of clogged air filters.

Application Note 2015-05-07

Language of Specifications - Application Note 
This paper explains some of the arcane language used in describing a product's characteristics.

Application Note 2015-05-07

Evaluation of the Performance of a State-of-the-Art Digital Multimeter - White Paper 
Describes several methods used to verify the performance of a very accurate automatically calibrated DMM, the HP 3458A.

Application Note 2015-05-07

Instrument Design Validation and Recommended Calibration Policy - Application Note 
Provides background information on the test philosophies and methods used when developing instrument verification and adjustment procedures.

Application Note 2015-05-07

Sensitivity Analysis of One-port Characterized Devices in Vector Network Analyzer Calibrations 
Results of a study on the use of characterized devices in microwave vector network analyzer (VNA) calibrations and measurements. A review of the theory of one-port characterized device calibration.

Application Note 2015-05-05

Establishing Traceability for Quantities Derived from Multiple Traceable Quantities - White Paper 
Provides method of developing traceability for measurements (eg. phase noise) that have no SI units.

Application Note 2015-05-05

Too Much Calibration? - White Paper 
This paper explains the variables at work in the world of calibration - how they can be used to find the elusive balance point between cost and confidence, or "too much" and "not enough" calibration.

Application Note 2015-05-05

Isolating Frequency Measurement Error and Sourcing Frequency by Robert Leiby 
When performing a calibration, the risk of incorrectly declaring a device as in-tolerance (false-accept risk) is dependent upon several factors such as the specified tolerance limit and guard band.

Application Note 2015-04-27

Using a Manufacturer's Specification as a Type B Error Contribution - White Paper 
Examines the implications of using a manufacturer's specification in an uncertainty analysis; and how calibration laboratories use uncertainty data in their quality systems and customer-facing documents.

Application Note 2015-04-27

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