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Handset Antenna Test

As standards for wireless communications increase, multiple antennas are now required to be installed on every handset. The type of the antenna varies - such as laser direct structuring (LDS), flexible printed circuit (FPC) or cable type - all antennas require return-loss (VSWR) test with higher throughput to provide lower cost of test.

Drive down the cost of test

Keysight’s handset antenna test solutions are a complete solution for multiport or multi-site antenna tests on the production line at an affordable price. Add Keysight’s handset antenna test solutions to your production line—and drive down the cost of test.
Keysight’s antenna test solutions provide:

  • Up to 12 ports for multiport/multi-site measurements
  • Complete multi-site antenna test system, including a network analyzer, high reliability switches, and pass/fail test software
  • Various frequency options help minimize the initial cost investment and frequency upgrade options are available when higher frequencies are required.

The E5063A ENA Series network analyzer solution supports up to 18 GHz with three frequency range options. Also, the E5063A with Option 011 operates as a PCB analyzer that helps you troubleshoot FPC antenna device failures with impedance (TDR) measurement capability.

The PXI VNA solution supports up to 26.5 GHz with six frequency range options. You can combine the VNA and switches in one chassis.

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