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Power Electronics

In contrast to traditional electronics, which is all about handling data, power electronics is all about handling power: generating it, converting it, and moving it from source to load.

High performance power electronic designers benefit from electronic design automation (EDA) tools from Keysight EEsof EDA. Our device modeling tools are used to create semiconductor models from conventional silicon and leading edge SiC and GaN devices. Advanced Design System (ADS) and Electromagnetic Professional (EMPro) are being used for module and printed circuit board (PCB) design including integrated magnetics and switching devices with ultra fast edges. Our GoldenGate platform solves on-die problems in a fraction of the time conventional SPICE-like tools can, because it uses the harmonic balance technique. Get started now with the Quick Start for ADS in Power Electronics Applications.

One of the primary instruments used to test linear and switch mode power supplies is an oscilloscope. Keysight offers a broad range of automated test and probing solutions that enable you to fully characterize a power supply, including input AC power quality, current harmonics, inrush current, switching loss, output ripple, and test output power integrity. To learn more about these power supply testing solutions for oscilloscopes, see Keysight’s Oscilloscope Power Supply Testing Solutions.