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The industrial segment encompasses various fields such as industrial electronics, infrastructure services and facilities, power generation and storage, and test automation, as well as the electronic devices and components used within an industrial electronic system or facility. Industrial engineers and technicians must utilize their skills and knowledge to design, install, operate, maintain and repair the electronic equipment or systems used in these fields. The diverse nature of this segment presents unique challenges.

Industrial Internet, which consists of the Internet of Thing (IoT)’s industrial applications and plays a big role in the Industry 4.0 initiative, is one key example. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, the industry too has begun integrating their technology and systems. Unlike consumer IoT, however, Industrial Internet has much more stringent requirements, requiring unfailing reliability even in harsh environments such as a power grid, real-time responses down to the millisecond for energy, transportation and manufacturing, and the ability to operate with little to no human intervention.

Whether you are characterizing a device-under-test's response to power disturbance, stimulating sensors in a control system or monitoring and correlating a system's behavior, Keysight is ready to help you. Through our expertise in test and measurement and our comprehensive product portfolio, Keysight offers you the assurance and reliability you need to address the unique challenges across the industrial design life cycle, from early R&D and design validation to compliance testing and manufacturing.