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Consumer Electronics

Consumer electronics is a fast-paced segment where change is driven by major trends in the industry.From electronic appliances like home automation systems and home appliances to smart devices like wearables and home security systems, this is evident with the emergence of new innovations year after year.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one key trend. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, many consumers expect home appliances and household electronic devices to include Internet connectivity and long-lasting batteries. This creates unique challenges for consumer electronic engineers who must now design their devices to support multiple wireless formats with low power consumption. Advances in high definition audio and video technologies also drive change, resulting in the transfer of more complex and larger amounts of data between consumer electronic devices that require higher-speed, multi-channel digital interface testing.

Keysight is ready to help you keep pace with the industry’s trends and prepare for future innovations. In addition to solutions that address IoT challenges such as maximizing battery life and solving multi-format wireless connectivity issues, Keysight also offers a wide range of digital testing solutions to support today’s digital interfaces such as USB, HDMI, MHL, MIPI, as well as new standards such as USB3.1, USB-TYPE C and HDMI2.1. And for your high performance audio needs, Keysight provides an audio test solution that performs audio analysis on analog and digital interfaces over a wired or Bluetooth link.

With no shortage of consumer electronics devices for customers to choose from in the market, you need to consistently offer high-performance products in keeping with the latest market trends at affordable prices. Through our expertise in test and measurement and our comprehensive product portfolio, you get the performance and flexibility you need to characterize and test your devices from R&D and design verification to high-volume manufacturing.