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Consumer Electronics IOT – Power Consumption Test

Internet of Things - KeysightPower efficiency is critical in IoT devices since the devices are expected to have a long battery life, often operating on a single battery for years. Our Keysight power measurement solutions offer battery drain testing with patented seamless current ranging technology to provide you with insights to deliver exceptional battery life.

Our recommended solutions include:

  • Device Current Waveform Analyzer: Achieve critical power and current consumption reductions by precisely measuring, previously unmeasurable or undetectable, wideband low-level current waveforms from 150 pA level up to 10 A, with a maximum of 200 MHz bandwidth.
  • DC Power Analyzer and Source Measure Unit: Your complete DUT testing with patented seamless current ranging technology to you design energy efficient devices.
  • Oscilloscope: Award-winning scopes with the fastest update rates, deepest memory and industry-leading signal integrity for your signal analysis and debugging needs.
  • Digital Multimeters: Measure on very low power devices with the DMM’s very low current measurement capabilities, 1 µA range with pA resolution.