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Power Management

Power Analysis Solution from KeysightIn the industrial segment, understanding the current use and duration of various operating modes of a device or module is important to make sure that the device is performing at expected conditions and also to manage energy consumption. Measuring dynamic current changes as a device transitions between different operating states is therefore essential to help you better understand power consumption and battery life.

Keysight offers power analysis solutions to help you accurately determine battery life, overcome the complexity of measuring current drain, test uninterruptible power supplies in various environments and more.
Our recommended solutions include:

  • Source Measure Unit: Designed specifically for the task of battery drain analysis with the patented seamless measurement ranging. It acts as an advanced electronic load too to ensure that your DUT draws a steady-state DC current.
  • AC Power Source: Your complete AC and DC power and measurement solution
  • DC System Power Supply: Providing a wide range of voltage and power levels to suit your testing needs.