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Network Parameter Measurement: Best Practices using the Keysight Medalist i3070 
This paper describes how to maximize benefits from the Network Parameter Measurement capability on the Keysight Medalist i3070 in-circuit test system using enhancements in software version 7.20p.

Application Note 2009-04-02

Medalist i3070 In Circuit Test – Utilizing the most comprehensive Limited Access 
This article introduces the seven most prominent and effective limited access tools on the Keysight Medalist i3070 ICT, collectively known Super 7 suite.

Application Note 2009-03-06

Quad Flat No Lead (QFN) Best Practices 
The purpose of this application note and best practices guide is to describer the QFN-type component and provide testing methods to ensure robust testing on the Medalist 5DX Automated X-ray Inspection (AXI) System.

Application Note 2008-08-26

Using Bead Probes to Increase Test Access 
This case study discusses how Prodrive, a Netherlands-basedelectronics manufacturer, successfully implemented the Keysight Technologies Medalist Bead Probe Technology to complement their existing test strategies.

Data Sheet 2008-05-08

High Node Count Fixturing Solutions for Keysight Short-Wire Test Fixtures 
This paper discusses problems encountered in building large, high node count vacuum actuated test fixtures for the Keysight 3070 family of board test systems.

Application Note 2008-04-30

The Future of In-Circuit Testing in the High-speed, Complex Electronics Environment 
As board complexity and node counts continue to rise and high speed differential signaling continues to grow in popularity, In-Circuit Test needs to move quickly beyond the traditional realms. This article explores this in detail.

Application Note 2007-10-31

Tips for X-ray Users On Exporting NDF’s With No Loads Set To False 
Navigating CAD can be a time consuming process. Small tips can be extremely helpful in creating quality programs in a short amount of time.

Application Note 2007-10-18

Making the Most of Keysight Throughput Multiplier on Medalist In-Circuit Test Systems 
Keysight Throughput Multiplier reduces test time on in-circuit test systems by testing up to four boards of a single-board-type panel simultaneously. The tips in this application note will help users make the most of this valuable tool.

Application Note 2007-10-12

X-ray Test Users Utilize BOM Explorer to Change  
Automated X-ray Inspection 5DX Users can save time by implementing these quick and easy steps to use BOM explorer to change "no pops" to "untested".

Application Note 2007-10-12

Medalist SP50 User Tips for Nominal Paste Factor Field  
Registered users, on valid support contracts, can login to learn about how using the Nominal Paste Factor appropriately can improve the system measurement results on the Medalist SP50 Solder Paste Inspection System.

Application Note 2007-10-11

In Situ Investigations of Corrosion Via SPM - Application Note 

Application Note 2007-07-05

Maximising Test Coverage with Keysight Medalist VTEP v2.0 
This paper describes how to get the most from Keysight Technologies’ industry-leading vectorless test innovation, the Medalist VTEP v2.0 which is a suite of solution comprising VTEP, iVTEP and NPM.

Application Note 2007-04-17

SEMI S2 Standard Modifications for Keysight 3070 and Related Equipment 
This document describes three items pertaining to the Keysight 3070 and the SEMI S2 standard. Each of them is related to a variance with the SEMI standard.

Application Note 2006-06-15

How to Get the Most from Keysight's Intelligent Yield Enhancement Test (IYET) 
This paper describes how to get the most from IYET for Keysight board test systems.

Application Note 2005-07-15

AXI and Lead-Free Process Characterization 
How to use Automated X-ray Inspection as a tool to characterize new lead-free soldering processes.

Application Note 2005-06-21

In-circuit Testing of Low Voltage Devices 
Core technical document summarizing issues regarding the testing of low voltage devices on the 3070 and i5000, including updated Safeguard information.

Application Note 2005-05-25

Test and Inspection as Part of the Lead-free Manufacturing Process 
The paper addresses issues that will impact defect levels and defect spectrum during the transition to lead-free manufacturing. It also addresses different test and inspection systems’ readiness to test lead-free printed circuit board assemblies.

Application Note 2005-02-22

PNA - Antenna/RCS - Reduce Measurement Test Times 
This white paper describes new technology features applicable to antenna/RCS measurements, configuration diagrams, typical antenna/RCS measurement scenarios, and measurement time comparisons.

Application Note 2004-12-20

Increase Automotive ECU Test Throughput (AN 1505) 

Application Note 2004-10-22

5DX Virus Protection Software Policy 
Keysight recognizes that customers require data protection for their PC workstations and computer controlled manufacturing equipment such as the 5DX Test System and associated workstations.

Application Note 2004-08-26

The Importance of Test and Inspection When Implementing Lead-Free Manufacturing 
Many papers, articles, and studies have been written about process issues, reliability issues, repair issues, and the merits of different alloys. This paper addresses the impacts on test and inspection when going lead-free.

Application Note 2004-08-20

Using Lead-Free PCB Finishes at Manufacturing In-circuit Test Stage 
The purpose of this document is to share experiences and educate engineers regarding different PCB surface finishes and the specific changes required in the PCB build process to allow for ICT.

Application Note 2004-08-08

Magneto-Optical Disk Drive Research (PN 3) - Application Note 
This 4-page Product Note describes how the Keysight 81100 family of pulse/pattern generators can be used together with a Keysight Infinium oscilloscope to help magneto-optical disk drive.

Application Note 2004-07-29

Cheetah PNA RCS and Antenna Measurement System 
Introducing a radar measurement system based on Keysight's PNA network analyzer. Reprinted with permission of SPC Corp.

Application Note 2004-03-03

A New Gated-CW Radar Implementation 
Review a gated-CW solution that provides performance and speed improvements for RCS measurements. Reprinted with the permission of Orbit/FR Inc.

Application Note 2004-03-03


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