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5G Wireless

Even as LTE and LTE-Advanced (4th generation cellular systems) are being deployed, work is already starting on their successor 5G. The technical vision for the year 2020 that’s presented in the studies for fifth generation mobile networks “5G”, is one of “everything everywhere and always connected”. The latest studies postulate the key network attributes that will be required and include an integrated wireline/wireless network, where the wireless part comprises a dense network of small cells with capacity enhanced through high-order spatial multiplexing (MIMO), cell data rates of the order of 10 GB/s and round-trip latency of 1 ms. Most studies now assume multiple air interfaces, which will include operation at microwave or millimeter frequencies. With these attributes, the combined network will support everything from simple M2M (machine to machine) devices to immersive virtual reality streaming, with monitoring and control of literally billions of sensors and multiple simultaneous streaming services, and will support the massive data collection and distribution needs of the “Internet of Things”.

White paper: Current Activity in 5G

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