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Bluetooth® RF Measurement Fundamentals - Application Note 
Bluetooth® is an open specification for a wireless personal area network. It provides limited range RF connectivity for voice and data transmissions between information appliances.

Application Note 2006-10-12

Techniques for Programming the 892X Family of Instruments (PN 892X) 
This Product Note describes some key programming techniques for the Keysight 892X family of products. This Note can be used as a training tool for users that are new to programming test equipment, or it can be used by experienced programmers that need to know about unique programming required for...

Application Note 2000-09-01

Cellular Call Processing: Programming Techniques for the 8920A 
This Application Note specifically describes the programming format for AMPS cellular, however the techniques are similar for systems like NAMPS and TACS. The programming techniques used for the 8920A firmware have built-in cellular call processing functions.

Application Note 1995-10-01