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Boundary Scan & JTAG

Boundary Scan

Leading the way in Boundary Scan technology with you.
This site is dedicated to providing you with a better understanding of the technology and the solutions that we have to offer.

With 7 recent international awards won, the industry continues to reaffirm Keysight's 20 years of leadership position when it comes to Boundary Scan technology that you need for your testing purposes. Since the inception of the IEEE 1149.1 standard, on which our Boundary Scan solutions are based on, Keysight continues to invest in this technology simply because you, our customers demand it.

Join us here, to learn more, to share more and to be experience more as we continue our journey of leadership with you.

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Automated Test / Board Test User Groups (ATUG) 
These User Group meetings (ATUG) are held at various cities across the US.


Boundary Scan Test Methods for DDR Memories  
In-circuit testing of DDR Memories has become increasingly difficult. This webcast discusses methods of DDR test development and debug.

Training Materials 2011-03-28

Surviving State Disruptions Caused by Test: the "Lobotomy Problem” 
Boundary scan test may affect the logic states of a device as it switches between core logic operation to test mode operation. This webcast puts forth proposals to restore the logic state to a defined state after testing.

Training Materials 2010-12-21

Boundary Scan Online Training 
Get up to speed on boundary scan! Access online training materials for boundary scan from the comfort of your desk!

Training Materials 2010-01-28

DfT rules for boundary scan during ICT 
Learn about the design for test rules for boundary scan used at in-circuit test, that can help you create a good test, minimizing the time and effort needed for debugging while maximizing the efficiency of your test.

Training Materials 2009-12-01