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RF System-in-Package & RF Module Design

RF System-in-Package DesignThe trend in the wireless industry toward smaller form factor and more functionality has been driving technology innovations for continued increase in functional density and a decrease in the cost per function. SiP, SoP, and 3DIC technologies are rapidly evolving from a specialty technology used in a narrow set of applications, to a high volume technology that addresses current market and design challenges. However the complex design problems with mixed signal, mixed mode, multi-technology, increased interconnect density and closer design proximity has also increased design challenges to meet design requirements faster and at a lower cost.

Keysight EEsof EDA is the market and technology leader in RF SiP & RF Module design solutions offering:

  • The best methodologies for designing SiPs with high confidence
  • The best RF SiP co-design platform
  • The best way to reduce design failure risks due to unpredicted parasitics

RF SiP/Module Technology Overview

RF SiP/Module Design Value

RF SiP/Module Design Flows

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How to Build EM-Accurate Parameterized Passive Models? 
An Article by Mounir Adada (Keysight Technology) highlights how modern EM parametric modeling tools can contribute in getting the products out the door right the first time.

Article 2002-05-30

Overview: Applying Nonlinear RF Device Modeling to Verify S-Parameter Linearity 
This Article is intended to explain the basics of “what’s behind S-parameters” from a modeling engineer's standpoint & on how to apply Harmonic Balance simulators to check the validity of device models.

Article 2001-09-01

Overview on Co-Simulation of DSP, RF and Analog 
This Paper presents a design environment supporting a mix of simulation engines, signals and models for DSP, RF and analog technologies.

Technical Overview 1999-01-01


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