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Handset Filter & Duplexer

Today’s mobile phones include multiple radios that enable multi-mode capabilities and support multi-band transmissions. As a result, those handsets utilize a variety of sophisticated filters and duplexers. To ensure dependable connections, filters must provide low insertion loss and more than 60 dB of noise blocking. Test frequencies reach up to 3.8 GHz for LTE and up to 5 GHz for Wi-Fi.

Characterization may be performed on-wafer, which requires fast, multi-device measurements, or during final test, which requires fast, detailed measurements. In both cases, inadequate measurement stability can affect yields and require frequent calibration operations.

The next-generation Keysight E5080A ENA Series network analyzer provides high quality testing and fast measurement speeds. The E5080A helps you reduce test times in high-volume production, enhance yields with lower trace noise and save time with fewer calibrations.

Keysight offers design, simulation and test capability for all of your component design and test needs.

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